Chapter 259: Let the Slaughter Begin

The Municipal Business Pavilion was the main place to do business in Silvermoon. It consisted of a host of temples, each of which was run by a different business, and focused on different goods and services.

Of course, the most profitable type of business involved trading demon cores with the Rich-Lush Continent.

As soon as Yang Qi entered the pavilion with the rest of the caravan, he saw that the place was already busy. Most of the people present were from the Rich-Lush Continent, who were exchanging their demon cores for spirit stones.

All of a sudden, a booming voice echoed out from further in the pavilion.

“One demon core from a ninth phase demonling for one low-grade spirit stone. That’s the price. Take it or leave it!” 

Yang Qi looked over and saw an old man, a Lifeseizer, who had a bag full of demon cores and was negotiating with a seller of spirit stones from the Western Continent. The latter was the one who had just spoken, and he had a snide smile on his face.

“What?” the old man said...

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