Chapter 258: Silvermoon

Mithril was a very special type of metal. When forging weapons, adding only a drop or two of it could unleash the true potential and power of the weapon. It could even absorb the quintessence of the sun and moon to improve the quality of whatever weapon it was part of. Such weapons were all destined to become spirit weapons eventually.

In the Rich-Lush Continent, even a small portion of mithril could be exchanged for a hoard of energy convergence pills.

Some places even used mithril as currency instead of energy convergence pills. And yet here in this trade hub of the Western Continent, this city’s walls were actually plated with the stuff.

Even more telling, the mithril obviously contained spell formations that continuously absorbed external power. There were also spirit stones decorating the walls. Everything exuded a sensation of abundant riches, but at the same time, immense security. Clearly, no one would dare to cause trouble in a place like this, lest the spell formations be activated to deadly...

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