Chapter 255: Joy and Worry

The larger a piece of driftwood was, the more the water would resist it, and the harder it would be to push it beneath the surface of the water.

The more powerful a Legendary, the more space would resist him, and the harder it would be for him to pierce through it. Space was like water, and people were like driftwood.

As for Yang Qi, he was essentially a mountain-sized piece of driftwood, whereas ordinary people were the size of a fist. One could only imagine how difficult it would be to shove a mountain-sized chunk of driftwood under the surface of the water.

And thus, Yang Qi wished to cry, but had no tears to shed.

With his current true energy, and the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, not even Never-Dying fiend-devils were worth worrying about to him. But levels were levels. And despite how strong he was, he still was worried about how to reach the third Legendary transformation.

That said, if he achieved his breakthrough, it was impossible to say how profoundly he would understand space. Not even Great Sages would be able to wrap their minds around what he could. From ancient times until modern, no one had ever...

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