Chapter 254: Hero

Everyone in the Demi-Immortal Institute was shocked.

The transformations which were occurring were spectacular to say the least. Boundless, never-ending vital energy poured into the Minorcosm World, as though heaven itself had been opened, and jade-like fluid were pouring out from it.

As the Minorcosm World expanded above the sea of clouds, numerous dimensions appeared, and previously desolate wormholes opened up. In fact, there were too many wormholes to count, leading in the direction of other planes, and allowing various types of high-level vital energy to pass through them. Nine-Yang Immortal Energy. Great Void True Energy. Clear Heaven True Energy. Numerous types of energy were rushing in.

When the Demi-Immortal Institute first built the Minorcosm World, it was unimaginably large, and had contained a host of wormholes leading to other planes, to harvest vital energy from them. However, over the years of being battered by hell monsoons, most of the space-time wormholes had closed up or rotted into disuse.

Back when the institute...

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