Chapter 253: Immense Fortune

The vibrations of the Planar Pearl gave Yang Qi the sensation that his own true energy had become countless sparks, falling into the ocean and causing it to boil violently.

Countless expressions of will within the Planar Pearl could sense the power of Yang Qi’s true energy, and stirred into action. It was like numerous Great Sages awakening, thirsting, rejoicing, and even cheering.

Yang Qi could also sense a larger will lurking in the very depths of the pearl, and when it noticed his true energy, it was as if it had finally seen true radiance and light, as well as hope. And all of that came because of Yang Qi.

All of a sudden, he heard many voices speaking in his mind.

“The distant heavenly world has not forgotten the Yore-Wilds Continent. Finally, radiance and light descends. This is the true holy light of the heavenly world!”

“Yes. This is hope from the heavenly world. This pure aura is the stuff of legends, something paramount, that which exists atop the legion of gods. A god among gods is the Lord, but why has His glory and light appeared...

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