Chapter 253: Immense Fortune

The vibrations of the Planar Pearl gave Yang Qi the sensation that his own true energy had become countless sparks, falling into the ocean and causing it to boil violently.

Countless expressions of will within the Planar Pearl could sense the power of Yang Qi’s true energy, and stirred into action. It was like numerous Great Sages awakening, thirsting, rejoicing, and even cheering.

Yang Qi could also sense a larger will lurking in the very depths of the pearl, and when it noticed his true energy, it was as if it had finally seen true radiance and light, as well as hope. And all of that came because of Yang Qi.

All of a sudden, he heard many voices speaking in his mind.

“The distant heavenly world has not forgotten the Yore-Wilds Continent. Finally, radiance and light descends. This is the true holy light of the heavenly world!”

“Yes. This is hope from the heavenly world. This pure aura is the stuff of legends, something paramount, that which exists atop the legion of gods. A god among gods is the Lord, but why has His glory and light appeared here?”

“Although this light is faint and weak, its substructure is powerful. Don’t tell me that the legion of gods has placed the son of the Lord on this plane?”

“There’s no way! To the legion of gods in heaven, our Yore-Wilds Continent is like a single grain of sand among all the seashores. Why would they care so much about us?”

“It doesn’t matter. We have been sleeping for tens of thousands of years, but now, light and radiance have come to drive away our slumber. We might have perished, but this is the legion of gods! One day, in the Kingdom of Triumph, we will be born again….”

“The brilliance of the legion of gods has aroused the will of the Planar Pearl itself…. Beneath that brilliance, we sages can gain enlightenment of the most profound aspect of the immortal dao, which is radiance and light.”

“For years the hell monsoons have battered our wills into the depths of despair. But now, radiance and light have arrived. We can finally rise up and be saved. With the resplendence of the legion of gods shining on us, we will never again despair.”

“Who could be pouring their true energy into the pearl? The Son of the God Legion? But he’s so weak! Considering he’s driven away our despair, we absolutely must help him to grow stronger! We must help the Son of the God Legion to advance!”

“That goes without saying. There is no limit to what the Son of the God Legion can achieve in the future.”

“We are awake, and will never despair again. The power of hell will never force us to become monsters. Henceforth, the plane will finally be stable….”

“Oh Son of the God Legion, we fallen sages of the Yore-Wilds Continent shall hereby bless you….”

A moment ago, his true energy had been so deeply drawn upon by the Planar Pearl that he was like an oil lamp on the verge of flickering out, unable to sustain the wastage, and just on the verge of disconnecting with the pearl.

Without enough true energy to remain in front of the pearl, the magical fluctuations of the pearl would then thrust him out into the hands of the fiend-devils.

If that were to happen to Yang Qi in his depleted state, he would definitely lose his life.

But now, his true energy had awoken the sage spirits within the pearl, and as their despair sloughed away, they drew upon the true reserves of the pearl to instead send power back into Yang Qi.


A pillar of sagelight shot forth, entering the Grand Emperor's Pagoda and filling it with dazzling splendor.

Yang Qi felt himself surrounded by the most holy of auras. Then, his true energy began to build back up, and his body started growing strong again. Without any effort on his part, the power of the radiance and light was converted by the Physique of the Sovereign Lord into Sovereign Lord True Energy and universal power.

Meanwhile, his meridians, sea of energy, flesh, and blood all grew stronger, and their dimensional aspects more profound. In other words, he could now contain even more true energy than he had in the past. Instead of his ultimate capacity being that of fifty thousand ancient megamammoths, he reached the level of sixty thousand. Then seventy thousand, eighty thousand, a hundred thousand….

‘It’s too bad though,’ he thought. ‘With a sea of energy and meridians like this, it’s going to take me years of work to build up enough true energy to reach the Space-Void Transformation.’ He could even sense dimensional spaces in his hair. If he filled them with true energy, they would be like divine weapons that could, on their own, kill a low-level Legendary.

If a single drop of his blood fell into the ocean, it would transform everything within five hundred kilometers of it into a holy land. It could even turn an entire massive river into a river of spirit energy.

‘Hurry up and finish! Convert to universal power. This expansion has got to stop. If it goes on any longer, it’s going to be impossible for me to tear rifts in space and reach the Space-Void Transformation. The more potential I have, the more space will resist me. How am I supposed to pierce it now?’

All he could do now was absorb the light, convert it to Sovereign Lord True Energy and universal power, and send it into the particles within him.

Ten thousand particles erupted to life.

In the blink of an eye, twenty thousand, an entire herd of megamammoths from the wilds of yore, stampeding wildly. Thirty thousand. Forty thousand. Fifty thousand. Sixty thousand…. Particles were erupting without cease.

And thus, the radiance and light poured forth endlessly as the will of the Great Sages in the Planar Pearl blessed Yang Qi in unprecedented fashion. At the same time, the light dissolved the sordid stains on the surface of the pearl, and even began to melt the hell monsoon in the area. Dazzling brightness spread out into the greyspace, healing the cracks and crevices, filling it with life force.

The nearby fiend-devils reacted with terrified shock.

“What’s going on?! The plane is recovering? The will of the sages is repairing the damage the hell monsoons have inflicted over tens of thousands of years! Those sages were supposed to sink into despair and slumber, and then be turned into devil-spirits. The Planar Pearl was supposed to turn dark and become a Hell Pearl. But now the sages are awake! They’re no longer in despair!”

“Quick! Run! The passage to hell is about to be locked down!”

“How could this be happening?”

“Agggghhhhh!” One of the bronzeblaze fiend-devils, a Never-Dying Legendary, got too close to the burning light of the awakening Planar Pearl, and was transformed into ash.

The will of the massive pearl was rejecting any fiend-devils who were too near.

The hundreds of billions of fiend-devils were scattering like frightened pigeons, fleeing into the depths of space. Any who were too weak or too close were instantly destroyed by the will of the plane itself.

“What!?” the chancellor shouted, having completely lost all sense of decorum because of his complete astonishment. “The will of the sages in the Planar Pearl have been battered by the hell monsoons for so many years that they long since began to sink into despair. Not even the combined might of the four chancellors could help them. There’s no way the true power of the Planar Pearl could have been called upon! There’s no way those sages could have been woken up. Once the sages descended into complete despair, the plane would eventually be overrun and turned into a hell. But somehow Yang Qi has managed to wake up the will of those sages? What power is this?! Not even a Great Sage should be able to do this! Where is the wielder of the power? I don't see anyone!”

“Father, what's going on?” the Young Lady said, trembling visibly. “Why is this happening? Those Great Sages should have eventually become devil-spirits. It was something no one could possibly stop. The only thing we could hope to do was buy time. But it seems like Yang Qi is truly restoring their radiance and light. How could he be doing this? The Crown Prince couldn't even do it. In fact, nothing he's ever done can compare to what Yang Qi is doing right now!”

“You're right!” the chancellor said excitedly. “The radiance and light of the entire plane is being restored. No longer will devil energy be able to interfere with it. The hell monsoon will no longer plague us. Starting today, the Rich-Lush Continent is going to be invulnerable to attack! The danger has finally passed! The four great institutes no longer need to worry about repairing the sealing marks. In some ways, Yang Qi has just become a hero to the entire Rich-Lush Continent. No one has ever performed a greater service than this. He can even compare to the holy spirits of the past. He’s saved all of us.”

“So what do we do with him now?”

“The service he has just performed is great enough to wipe out any sins or crimes. Already, people in the institute should be able to sense what has happened. The Minorcosm World is already back to its original state. It was damaged by many hell monsoons over the years, but now, all that damage is being healed.” The chancellor pointed in a certain direction. “Guang’er, look.”

Already, it was possible to see the evidence of the changes he referred to.

Radiance and light streamed through the Minorcosm World, causing it to grow bigger, and causing the Nine-Yang Immortal Energy therein to become so strong it took liquid form. All of the Legendary grand elders could tell what was happening, and even some ordinary students looked up into the sea of clouds to see an enormous stone gate, which was none other than the entrance to the Minorcosm World. As radiance and light streamed out from it, the Demi-Immortal Institute was bathed in vital energy, and all living creatures were baptized, experiencing an immediate advancement in energy arts.


The grand elders from the Hall of Law Enforcement all shot to their feet. “The Minorcosm World is expanding, and the power of the hell monsoon is fading away. Someone is repairing heaven! Completely and utterly repairing it! Who woke up the will of the sages in the Planar Pearl? Who saved the world?”

“A few weeks ago the chancellor sent that detestable Yang Qi deep into space-time to repair the damage. Don’t tell me it was him! Is he the one who saved the world?”

“Impossible. What type of power would you need to do this? Not even the chancellors of the four institutes working together could have done it. There’s no power in the Rich-Lush Continent that could lift the wills of those sages from despair.”

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