Chapter 251: Breaking Through the Interceptors

Experts in the ninth Legendary transformations were said to be ‘never-dying’. Cut off an arm, and it would regrow. Cut off a head, and the same thing would happen. Even if you chopped one up into mincemeat, they would still be able to live again.

Their life force and powers of regeneration came because their spirit and soul were ensconced in the void, and were on the very cusp of the Great Sage level.

They were figures who had long since combined all the various aspects of the sun, the moon, the stars, heaven and earth, and all types of ghosts and gods. By using that combination as a furnace, they seized good fortune for their cultivation base, and survived countless tribulations.

The Crown Prince, Young Master Shroud-Heaven, and Hua Tianxiong were such individuals, and were beyond what Yang Qi could handle, even with the Grand Emperor's Pagoda. The final Never-Dying Transformation surpassed the other transformations on an exponential level. In fact, even if Yang Qi reached the third or fourth transformation, he would likely be useless against an opponent like that.

The only way he could possibly...

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