Chapter 250: Planar Pearl

The chancellor and the Young Lady had assumed that Yang Qi would die, beyond the shadow of a doubt. Or at least, that his backer would come to his aid. It should have been impossible for someone in the second transformation to defend against the combined assault of a Ghost-God Legendary and an Astral-Star Legendary.

Not even the Grand Emperor's Pagoda should have tipped the scales.

Therefore, the final result of the conflict left them with eyes wide. Not only did Yang Qi not die, he actually fought back, killing the Ghost-God Legendary with a spear strike, and using the Grand Emperor's Pagoda in the way that a saint from ancient times would. In fact, the chancellor actually suspected that if Yang Qi were just a bit stronger, he would be able to activate the sage formations that existed in the pagoda. Such formations had been put in place by Grand Emperor Rich-Lush, and could only be used by people in the Great Sage level.

Although Yang Qi had not activated such formations yet, what he was doing did cause the might of a Great Sage to spread out and destroy the personal domain of the Ghost-God Legendary.

After all this time,...

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