Chapter 249: Thirty Thousand Ancient Megamammoths

“This is amazing. The Starry Vilefire is actually improving the dimensions in my sea of energy and meridians. I wonder if this will push me into the Space-Void Transformation sooner than expected. But how do I get the power of fifty thousand ancient megamammoths? In any case, I need to make as much progress as possible in this moment!”

Yang Qi drew on the Heaven-Devil Rageflame, Starry Vilefire, dimensional fragments, dimensional liquid, and even the dimensional primal chaos energy flowing inside him, causing his meridians and seas of energy to improve with every moment. In fact, there were even dimensional talismans appearing within him.

After being refined by the Sovereign Lord True Energy and the universal power, the dimensional talismans were as pure as lightning. They all looked different. Some were hexagonal, some were octagonal, some had saw-toothed edges, some were like beautiful paintings or scroll poetry.

Every possible thing that could...

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