Chapter 249: Thirty Thousand Ancient Megamammoths

“This is amazing. The Starry Vilefire is actually improving the dimensions in my sea of energy and meridians. I wonder if this will push me into the Space-Void Transformation sooner than expected. But how do I get the power of fifty thousand ancient megamammoths? In any case, I need to make as much progress as possible in this moment!”

Yang Qi drew on the Heaven-Devil Rageflame, Starry Vilefire, dimensional fragments, dimensional liquid, and even the dimensional primal chaos energy flowing inside him, causing his meridians and seas of energy to improve with every moment. In fact, there were even dimensional talismans appearing within him.

After being refined by the Sovereign Lord True Energy and the universal power, the dimensional talismans were as pure as lightning. They all looked different. Some were hexagonal, some were octagonal, some had saw-toothed edges, some were like beautiful paintings or scroll poetry.

Every possible thing that could exist in heaven and earth were represented by them.

These were Sovereign Lord Dimensional Talismans.

Whenever any cultivator reached the Space-Void Transformation, they would use spatial power to create such talismans. They were almost like drops of blood which would fuse with the body and make it sturdy and durable.

Blightczar Manyrivers was a Space-Void Legendary, but the talismans he had created were relatively weak, and were all tainted with toxic energy. As a result, the dimension in his sea of energy had been rather small, and could only contain a bit of true energy.

Of course, it was only proper to say “a bit” of true energy when comparing him to Yang Qi. Compared to ordinary people, he had a massive river of the stuff.

As of this moment, if Yang Qi had to fight Blightczar Manyrivers, he would find the man to be incredibly weak. In fact, he would be like a child’s doll that could be easily crushed underfoot.

Yang Qi had a physique that had been blessed by the legion of gods, making him able to crush virtually anyone. He was completely invincible to anyone in his current level, and could even fight and kill people three to four levels higher than him.

Thanks to the Starry Vilefire and Heaven-Devil Rageflame, the asura’s flesh and blood was sizzling and popping, releasing massive amounts of energy that, combined with the sovereign-grade spirit stone and the universal power of the Sovereign Lord, was causing even more particles to wake up.

A rapid series of explosions occurred, each of which involved, not a single particle waking up, but a thousand.

In the shortest of moments, five thousand particles woke up, pushing Yang Qi’s true energy to the level of fifteen thousand ancient megamammoths.

This was absolutely advancing by leaps and bounds. Yang Qi had changed down to his very substructure, and was now at least a hundred times stronger than he had been before entering the hell monsoon.

Back then, he had been in the first Legendary transformation. Now, he was in the second, the Spirit-Soul Transformation, with a physical body that was at the level of the third transformation or possibly even higher.

“The brat’s still not dead?” the female fiend-devil growled. She sent out more flame for a full two hours, but it didn't seem to affect the Grand Emperor's Pagoda at all. By this point, she was really starting to think that something strange was going on. With that, she let out a piercing cry, which was none other than a Heaven-Devil World-Incinerating Soundwave.

However, the sound wave didn’t seem to affect Yang Qi at all. He simply waved his fingers as though he were strumming a pipa, dissolving the sound waves and sending them into the asura’s flesh and blood. 

The flesh and blood melted even more, becoming universal power that shot into the particles within Yang Qi, rapidly waking up another five thousand megamammoths.

And that only served to further stabilize the Grand Emperor's Pagoda.

By now, Yang Qi’s true energy had completely filled every nook and cranny of the pagoda, and all of the spell formations suitable for his level, including the ones that had been inaccessible to him before. One such formation was the Sky Wave Grand Formation, which could create resonances with many types of auras, and send them rolling out of the pagoda like waves.

Yang Qi didn’t activate any of the pagoda’s deadly formations. After all, with two ‘selfless’ fiend-devils pooling their power to help him, it was only serving to give him more megamammoth power.

And with the amount of royal-, imperial-, and sovereign-grade spirit stones he had on hand, he had all the energy he needed.

“Dammit! Why won’t this punk just die? Blood Sacrifice!

The female fiend-devil had already wasted plenty of vital energy, and had lost a lot of face. Not hesitating for a moment, she ripped her pinky finger off and threw it toward the flames that surrounded the pagoda.

Thanks to the sacrifice, the Heaven-Devil Rageflame grew ten times as powerful, and the heaven-devils inside it danced with even more crazed abandon. Instantly, the attack on the Grand Emperor's Pagoda grew far more intense than before.

However, it only served to melt the asura’s flesh and blood more quickly, as well as the sovereign-grade spirit stone. As a result, the crystalline universal power flowed into him more quickly than ever.

In the briefest of moments, massive amounts of power awoke inside of Yang Qi, that of ten thousand megamammoths. Above Yang Qi’s head was an image that depicted the mammoths of yore, an entire herd of them, stampeding across a vast plain, trampling countless demon-devils beneath their feet. 

Thirty thousand. The power of thirty thousand megamammoths was awake inside of Yang Qi, power that could shake stars and rip apart suns and moons. Inside the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, royal-, imperial-, and sovereign-grade spirit stones burned brightly to keep up.

When the last spirit stone burned into nothing, and all of the spirit power was in him, Yang Qi rose to his feet.

The power of thirty thousand megamammoths was enough that he was now on par with Ghost-God Legendaries.

‘Ah, what a pity,’ he thought. ‘I just didn’t have enough spirit stones. And here I thought that ripping off that much from Young Master Shroud-Heaven would be enough to get me to a much higher level. I guess my calculations were way off. I'm not even in the Space-Void Transformation! Going forward, my cultivation is going to be very difficult unless I can get more spirit stones. What am I supposed to do now?’

He needed the power of fifty thousand megamammoths, but unfortunately, only had enough spirit stones to reach thirty thousand.

He needed the raw spirit power in those stones, and not even defeating more fiend-devils would help.

In the blink of an eye, his cultivation had become ten times as difficult.

‘I guess I need to figure out a way to get more spirit stones. Very well, Sky Wave Grand Formation, activate!’

Now that he had finished powering up, he was using the Grand Emperor's Pagoda to finally strike back at the two fiend-devils who were trying to refine him.

A massively powerful sky wave rolled out from the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, instantly dispersing the Heaven-Devil Rageflame.

Then, it hit the two fiend-devils’ defensive true energy, and grating, explosive sounds rang out. Cracks spread out on the surface of their bodies, and their devil energy began to leak out, along with vast quantities of blood.

The male fiend-devil roared, his eyes shining with panic as he tried to back away.

Unfortunately, that was when something blurred out of the Grand Emperor’s Pagoda.

Even as the waves continued to roll out, the pagoda vanished, and Yang Qi appeared behind the male fiend-devil, Infernal Deity Spear in hand. Before the thing could react, he stabbed it, piercing directly through the fiend-devil’s personal domain.

Yang Qi had already reached such a vast level of power that personal domains were no longer impervious to him.

Furthermore, the fiend-devil had wasted so much blood over the past several days in its efforts to fuel its Heaven-Devil Rageflame that it was now too weak to fight back effectively.

The Grand Emperor's Pagoda was now inside of Yang Qi, but he could easily use its powers to defend himself or pierce defensive items. And with its spell formations combined with the Infernal Deity Spear, no wretch energy could stand in Yang Qi’s way.

This was the easiest kill Yang Qi had carried out since mastering the dao of the quick strike.


The fiend-devil exploded, and the Hell Portal popped into being, grabbing his demon core, as well as his flesh and blood.

Just like that, a greater fiend-devil in the Ghost-God Transformation perished.

He never even had a chance to scream.

“Father,” the Young Lady said, “did you see how strong Yang Qi's attack was just now? He must be dozens of times more powerful than before! His true energy, his fleshly body, and even the effects of the Grand Emperor's Pagoda have all experienced vast advancement. It’s like he was born anew! Has he already reached the Space-Void Transformation?”

Of course, being a Great Sage, the chancellor could see much more deeply into what was happening. And he was profoundly shaken. 

“He hasn’t,” the chancellor said, his eyes glittering. “But he has spatial dimensions inside of him. Such strength! I've never seen anything as pure and powerful as this! It's universal power! He's only in the second Legendary transformation, but is already as strong as the seventh. What kind of metamorphosis did he experience? Not even the Crown Prince was like this back when he was in the same level.”

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