Chapter 247: Trying to Steal a Chicken....

‘How could this little punk be so tough? After all this refining work, nothing's happening?’ The fiend-devil had already drawn upon roughly fifty percent of its cultivation base to power its Heaven-Devil Rageflame, which now completely and utterly covered the Grand Emperor's Pagoda.

The bronze pagoda currently had magical symbols flowing across its surface, making it seem like it was weakening, and possibly even on the verge of melting.

But the truth was that there was no way the Grand Emperor's Pagoda could possibly be so weak. Its creator, Grand Emperor Rich-Lush, had been, at the minimum, a Great Sage, and possibly even beyond that level.

A magical treasure created by someone like that was the type of thing that could exist for all eternity.

Of course, the person actually controlling the pagoda was an important factor. After all, a knife in the hand of a child would not only be useless in terms of defense, it could actually hurt the child.

Therefore, this Ghost-God Legendary...

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