Chapter 246: Selfless Philanthropist

‘This fiend-devil is really reckless. Does he actually think he can just take the Grand Emperor's Pagoda from me? This pagoda has been marked by the God Legion Seal, so not even a Great Sage could take it away, not even Grand Emperor Rich-Lush himself. He thinks he's refining it with devilfire, but after being filtered by the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, that fire just helps me refine the flesh and blood of the asura.’

Of course, Yang Qi didn't take the thing to be stupid. Most likely, anyone in this fiend-devil’s position would try to do the same thing. How could any of them know how much of a freak Yang Qi was?

As the devilfire entered the dimension inside of the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, Yang Qi loosened the warding magics to make the path clearer. Soon, it was pouring into the Hellfire Crucible to help refine the asura.

“Hmm?” After some...

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