Chapter 246: Selfless Philanthropist

‘This fiend-devil is really reckless. Does he actually think he can just take the Grand Emperor's Pagoda from me? This pagoda has been marked by the God Legion Seal, so not even a Great Sage could take it away, not even Grand Emperor Rich-Lush himself. He thinks he's refining it with devilfire, but after being filtered by the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, that fire just helps me refine the flesh and blood of the asura.’

Of course, Yang Qi didn't take the thing to be stupid. Most likely, anyone in this fiend-devil’s position would try to do the same thing. How could any of them know how much of a freak Yang Qi was?

As the devilfire entered the dimension inside of the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, Yang Qi loosened the warding magics to make the path clearer. Soon, it was pouring into the Hellfire Crucible to help refine the asura.

“Hmm?” After some time passed, the fiend-devil was surprised to find that its devilfire was just disappearing into the pagoda. It thought for a moment, and then a vicious grin spread out across its face. “You’re too weak, brat. You think you can use this treasure to absorb devilfire? Maybe you can absorb a little, but too much, and you're dead. Let’s see what your true limits are! Heaven-Devil Rageflame! Eradicate the world!”

Instantly, his shadow shattered into a thousand separate entities which surrounded the pagoda and unleashed an intense type of devilfire. It was obviously dead set on killing Yang Qi and taking this treasure.

And yet, despite that, Yang Qi felt more comfortable than ever.

It was almost like having a top expert intentionally impart powerful energy arts to him to help with his cultivation.

Not even a loving father would be able to help his child this much.

In fact, Yang Qi now realized that this fiend-devil was actually a bit charming in certain ways.

‘Keep going! This is great. After all this time, maybe I can fully refine that asura’s flesh and blood. Oh, right! I can also use the power of the devilfire to refine the demon core of that corpse king.’ As the devilfire continued to erupt, the flames began to take the shape of heaven-devils. And it was all so beneficial that Yang Qi almost wanted to issue a call summoning more fiend-devils to add fuel to the fire.

The raging Heaven-Devil Rageflame that wrapped him up was helping his Physique of the Sovereign Lord, and as it coursed through his meridians, acupoints, and sea of energy, it filled him with more power, and pushed him closer to the Space-Void Transformation.

The third transformation was a watershed of sorts. Those who mastered it could leave the world they inhabited and travel to locations of profound danger.

Normally speaking, it should have taken him dozens of years to reach this point. Perhaps even a hundred. But now, this ‘selfless philanthropist’ of a fiend-devil was helping him to achieve incredible progress in a short time.

Soon, the corpse king’s demon core was out in the open, pulsing with the power of a domain. If Yang Qi absorbed it, he could make use of a temporary domain, the Zombie Kingdom. However, that would be of little use to him. It was like nothing compared to the God Legion Paradise that he would eventually be able to summon. That having been said, the demon core could be of some help to his spore-devil.

If the spore-devil absorbed it, it could unleash a domain of its own, which would make it possible for it to summon flesh and blood wretch devils from out in the void.

Right now, the only thing it could summon were devil-ghosts with spirit bodies. Flesh and blood creatures were an entirely different story.

But with a personal domain, the spore-devil could set up spatial spell formations of immense power.

The truth was that, in the Space-Void Transformation, the Hell Portal would transform, becoming a spatial spell formation that Yang Qi could use to connect to certain fiend-devil planes of existence.

Spell formations powered by domains were even stronger.

Now, not only could he summon fiend-devils in the Space-Void Transformation, but instead of being limited to drawing on targets nearby, he could summon them from afar. At the moment, he couldn’t truly reach into hell, but being able to connect to other planes was certainly a huge improvement.

‘Heaven-Devil Rageflame! Help me refine this demon core!’

With both his true energy and the Heaven-Devil Rageflame assaulting the demon core, it soon began to emit dazzling light.

Another moment passed, and it exploded, causing an enormous domain to spread out, filled with corpse energy, which took the shape of an enormous, writhing dragon.

Without any hesitation, Yang Qi tossed it into the Hellfire Crucible.

Then, he guided the Heaven-Devil Rageflame in as well, using the crucible to combine it with the domain.


The Hell Portal changed once again, becoming more corporeal, and its summoning function more powerful.

Meanwhile, off in the distance in the hell monsoon, other powerful fiend-devil counts had taken note of what was happening. In particular, there was a group who had arrived recently from a plane that bordered the Hell of Euphoria, and had been conscripted to besiege the sealing marks.

“That exalted Ghost-God Legendary appears to be refining a human. Is the human crazy? I can’t believe he would dare to come here and try to repair these sealing marks.”

“It doesn’t matter. That exalted superior is definitely going to get that treasure. We won’t get even the tiniest share.”

“It's a real pity. We just got here to the Yore-Wilds Continent to share in the slaughter, and to feast on endless blood. But in the end, we were tasked with destroying the sealing marks. It’s such hard work!”

“Uh, have you forgotten that there hasn’t been a Yore-Wilds Continent for a long time now? It was destroyed! We're outside of the Rich-Lush Continent, not the Yore-Wilds Continent. Hurry up and destroy these sealing marks. The sooner we do, the sooner we’ll have a nice continent to invade. The Rich-Lush Continent was once a tiny part of the Yore-Wilds Continent, but its small size belies its importance. The entire continent is a huge teleportation portal, a hub of sorts. Once you get there, there will be plenty of other continents to go to.”

“Hey, what do you say we jump to a place where we can see a fiend-devil prince?”

“Fiend-devil prince?” said one of the fiend-devil counts, a particularly powerful one in the third Legendary transformation. “Don’t tell me you’ve seen one before? I highly doubt it. They’re honorable beyond measure, and far more powerful than the Great Sage level. You know, I happen to have seen some of our fiend-devil dukes who are Great Sages.”

“I've never seen one either, but I've heard that in the ancient Hell of Euphoria, there are plenty of fiend-devil princes. There are even fiend-devil emperors, boundlessly respected god-devils from ancient times. They’re the type who can match up with true god-spirits.” This particular Blood-Form Legendary fiend-devil was referring to ancient mythology.

“It’s too bad we’re not from the Hell of Euphoria. We’ll never get the chance to see fabled entities like that.”

There were more than ten fiend-devils in this group, the most powerful being in the Space-Void Transformation, and the weakest being Quinary Lifeseizer viscounts. Even as they chatted in the midst of the hell monsoon, discussing this matter and that, a huge spatial gateway appeared in front of them. In the blink of an eye, it erupted with stifling power that caused their souls to go still.

It was none other than Yang Qi’s Hell Portal, which quickly whisked them into his Grand Emperor's Pagoda.

Before they could react, they were captured and tossed into a massive crucible, where they were burned alive, and their demon cores extracted.

Yang Qi was very pleased that his summoning had worked, and that he had easily been able to capture such beings.

Inside the Hell Portal, his spore-devil was already transforming from an entity with three heads and six arms, to one with four heads and eight arms. The process continued as the devilfire improved it, and the domain became stable. By that time, it had thirty-six heads and seventy-two arms.

It was now far, far more powerful than Yang Qi himself.

By now, the asura’s flesh and blood was dripping with bright red fluid, which dropped into the Hell Portal and transformed into spatial fragments.

As the spatial fragments were then burned by the Hellfire Crucible, they became part of Yang Qi’s true energy, and caused his Sovereign Lord True Energy to become even stronger.

That was his path to the third Legendary transformation, and becoming a Space-Void Legendary.

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