Chapter 245: Completing the Spore-Devil (Part 2)

The true energy of countless Heaven-Devil God-Exterminating Greatbows was blocked by the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, and then sucked inside to be refined in Yang Qi’s Hellfire Crucible. With every arrow that was vanquished, Yang Qi’s aura grew more powerful.

True energy fluctuations rolled out as a godmammoth appeared above Yang Qi, an enormous bow in its hand, over a thousand meters from end to end, seemingly constructed from the remains of countless fallen devils.


A thunderous boom could be heard as an arrow was launched. As it shot forth, it destroyed every fiend-devil it passed, crushing their bones, and extracting their demon cores. It was like a shooting star of dazzling glory that could not be stopped.

As rank upon rank of fiend-devil was mowed down, the Hell Portal opened wide to suck in their remains, to become more fuel.

The power of the spore-devil was growing constantly, and the Hell Portal grew larger with every moment that passed. By now, it didn't look like it...

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