Chapter 244: Completing the Spore-Devil

Yang Qi had acquired a demon core from a Personal-Domain corpse king, which, if it were to be inlaid into a spell formation, could actually replicate the corpse king’s Heaven-Devil Domain. And anyone who wasn’t in the Personal-Domain Transformation who got caught in a domain like that would be killed.

Unfortunately, Yang Qi could not do that, nor could he consume the core directly. It was just too powerful. Perhaps if he broke through to the Space-Void Transformation, then he could use it.

In any case, the fact that he could kill a Personal-Domain Legendary was quite gratifying. Part of it had to do with the fact that his energy art was specifically designed to deal with fiend-devils.

If he had been fighting a human cultivator in the same level, it would have been a different story. At best, he might have been able to fight to a draw.

Given his current cultivation base, squaring off with people like Master Wind Gentleman or Unparalleled Lightning just wouldn’t work. People like that cultivated righteous and orthodox energy arts,...

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