Chapter 243: Deadly Training

Now that Yang Qi was a Spirit-Soul Legendary, his psychic power could easily penetrate dimensional barriers to see what lay beyond. Because of that ability, he could tell that the monsters in this hell monsoon were extremely powerful.

Soon, he was closing in on the nearest damaged seal, which was surrounded by Legendary-level devil-ghosts. They were creatures with powerful flesh and blood and flourishing true energy. Even casual movements on their part could destroy mountains and rivers. They grasped the meaning of the five phases, and could bend yin and yang to their will. Some of them were even capable of crafting magical treasures, or using their devil energy to set up spell formations and magical sealing marks.

The mere sight of so many terrifying monsters would cause even the most powerful humans to shiver with fear.

However, the Young Lady didn't seem worried at all. Looking over, she said, “The real test begins here, Yang Qi.”

“You’re not really here, are you Young Lady? You’re a projection cast by some unparalleled magical treasure of some sort....

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