Chapter 242: Spirit-Soul Transformation

Yang Qi had been preparing and building up power, and now, thanks to this hell monsoon, he was finally making a breakthrough to another level.

Originally, he had assumed it would take several months of work to reach the Spirit-Soul Transformation, but as it turned out, seven days and nights of fighting pushed him to the level he needed. And it was all thanks to the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

And now, a sea of lightning was forming overhead. Within it writhed dragons, snakes, and beasts of all kinds, bursting with killing intent, surrounded by the chanting of god-spirits.

This was only happening because of the unique nature of Yang Qi’s psychic tempest.

This tribulation lightning was many, many times fiercer and more powerful than anything Yang Qi had faced before. There were even lightning gods with axes and other weapons, ready to chop Yang Qi to pieces.

And yet, he just stood there in the midst of the lightning, not moving an inch. Behind him, an enormous godmammoth appeared,...

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