Chapter 241: Hell Monsoon

The masked Young Lady closely watched Yang Qi carrying out slaughter in the hell monsoon, and her eyes glittered. 

‘This guy’s cultivation base really is designed to dominate fiend-devils. He can even neutralize a hell monsoon and turn it into burning fire to temper his true energy. Not even Great Sages can do things like that. One who got caught in a hell monsoon would need to be very careful to avoid being infected with wretch energy.’

She was an observer, and apparently, wasn’t even in the same world as Yang Qi, but rather, in another one. It was a special ability of hers that not even most Great Sages could duplicate, something born of her unique constitution. In this regard, she was similar to Yang Susu.

Yang Qi didn’t have time to spend observing her. He continued to charge deeper into the hell monsoon, where the devil-ghosts, zombies, and fiend-devils grew stronger and more powerful. As a result, his Hell Portal and Hellfire Crucible raged with increasing intensity, his...

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