Chapter 240: All-Encompassing Devil Energy

This was Yang Qi’s first time directly piercing through space in this manner.

Up to this point, he had always used the Grand Emperor's Pagoda to do so. And it had always been within the Rich-Lush Continent itself; never had he dared to brave the spatial tempests that filled space-time.

The slightest mistake could lead to being sucked into one of the tempests, or losing one's way for all time. However, he was now strong enough to provoke a psychic tempest. And his true energy now counted as Sovereign Lord True Energy. Considering that, and the added protection of the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, he didn't need to fear spatial tempests.

Besides, he had the additional assistance of the Young Lady.

The mere wave of her hand opened the spatial rift; it seemed as easy for her as blowing some dust off her shoulder. Yang Qi couldn’t help but be shocked. She was obviously far beyond the level of Master...

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