Chapter 239: Mission: Mend Heaven

Of course, the chancellor wasted no time in spreading word, and the reactions were mixed. However, everyone felt that it was fair for him to punish Yang Qi for being so arrogant. Killing Grand Elder Feat-Virtue was a crime that couldn’t just be forgiven, so if the chancellor hadn’t punished him in some way, the discontent in the institute would have reached the point of being irresolvable.

It was true that the chancellor had never punished the Crown Prince for his breaking of the rules. But Yang Qi wasn’t the Crown Prince. Many people believed that the Crown Prince was so important that he was justified in breaking the rules. Not so with Yang Qi. He just wasn’t important enough.

Many of the grand elders in the Minorcosm World were discussing the matter.

“This was a smart move by the chancellor. He really deserves his position.”

“Mission: Mend Heaven is an extremely dangerous mission. Yang Qi stands a very high chance of dying, and has almost no chance of accomplishing it. That’s a pretty big punishment.”

“It’s unusual. Considering Yang Qi’s cultivation base, not even the Grand Emperor's...

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