Chapter 234: Becoming a Holy Neophyte

Considering what the chancellor had just said, Yang Qi knew that the moment of danger had passed.

Not only would he be a holy neophyte, he would be standing shoulder to shoulder with the Crown Prince. In fact, the chancellor would consider him as a possible successor.

Of course, Yang Qi only half-trusted the man at best. He always worded things so vaguely that it was impossible to tell exactly what he was up to.

But there was one thing that was for sure. The God Legion Seal and its mysterious power ensured that the chancellor viewed Yang Qi as being of a similar level of power as himself. In fact, he feared him. And to forestall a major event that could shake the Demi-Immortal Institute as a whole, he was simply letting him do what he wanted.

Although it was impossible to tell what his long term plans were, Yang Qi was confident that his own immediate future in the Demi-Immortal Institute was secure, at least until the Crown Prince emerged from seclusion. And there was still the chance that Young Master Shroud-Heaven and Hua Tianxiong would succeed in their effort to kill him.

Unfortunately, Yang Qi had the sneaking suspicion that...

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