Chapter 232: None of You Qualify

The Infernal Deity Spear had made its appearance.

With that spear in hand, Yang Qi’s true energy could strike terror into the hearts of ghosts and gods. It could lock down onto any soul it wanted, and charge forth like an unstoppable army.

It was a sudden, deadly attack. He had long since reached the point of wanting to kill this Master Jadecrux, and as of this moment, had decided that the time had come to do exactly that.

The Crown Prince could break whatever rules he wanted, and Yang Qi couldn’t.

But in this situation, he had been pushed too far, and thus decided to bet on the God Legion Seal to help him smash anyone who stood in his way. Even if the chancellor showed up and tried to stop him, hopefully, the seal would defeat him as easily as it had defeated Ghost Emperor Yama.

There was no way that the measly Demi-Immortal Institute could truly threaten he who carried the legacy of the legion of gods, and bore the glory of the Lord.

The aura of Yang Qi’s Physique of the Sovereign Lord had reached a peak level, and his life force flourished mightily. In this moment, if he didn’t break the rules, he would be admitting that...

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