Chapter 231: You Qualify?

Grand Elder Feat-Virtue’s words echoed throughout the hall for everyone to hear clearly.

He was a very important person, a Legendary who ran the entire Hall of Feats and Virtue. When it came down to it, he controlled what treasures could be purchased with merit points. Considering he essentially controlled all of the most important supplies in the Demi-Immortal Institute, no one would ever think to defy him. Anyone who did would suddenly find themselves incapable of making any useful purchases.

He was a greedy, hateful man, notorious for his corruption. However, he had long since gained the support of the Crown Prince, and thus, no one could do a thing about him. After all, no one in the institute outranked the Crown Prince other than the chancellor. And for the most part, the chancellor didn’t pay attention to the daily affairs. The Crown Prince and the holy neophytes ran most things. In some ways, the chancellor was like a mortal emperor who sat back and watched his various sons vie for his inheritance.

To continue the comparison, that would make the grand elders like the civil and military officials.

And of course, the princes would always try to get the officials on their side. In this case, Grand Elder Feat-Virtue was clearly working for the Crown...

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