Chapter 228: Five Phases Treasures

Yang Qi was currently in the first transformation, making him a Blood-Form Legendary. He was incredibly durable and strong, and could easily punch through mountains or destroy rivers.

However, to higher-level Legendaries, he was weak. And if he actually fought the Crown Prince, it would definitely end in his death.

In fact, even if he fought experts beneath the Crown Prince, such as Old Man Superdestruction, a Yin-Yang Legendary, he would have to focus solely on defense, or possibly escape. And that would be with the help of the Grand Emperor's Pagoda.

If he ended up fighting Huang Hou or Blightczar Manyrivers without the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, he would be powerless against them. After all, the attacks of Space-Void Legendaries could be made from alternate dimensions, and how could he defend against that?

Without a magical treasure that gave him the ability to defend against extra-dimensional attacks, it wouldn’t matter how strong he was, he would still die.

Right now, the most important task at hand was to reach the second transformation, and become a Spirit-Soul Legendary. By tempering...

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