Chapter 226: Demanding Spirit Stones

Old Man Superdestruction was finally convinced that Yang Qi was qualified to enter a discussion with him. And the fact that he had Huang Hou seemed to indicate that he really did have confidential information about the Crown Prince.

Huang Hou was a holy neophyte, the type of person who could call the wind and summon the rain in the outside world. At a single word from him, even a powerful clan could be pillaged or slaughtered. Even the most powerful aristocratic clans in the continent would do everything possible to avoid offending him, lest they be wiped out of existence.

He was so famous that the Shroud-Heaven Alliance had long since put out a bounty for his head. Old Man Superdestruction himself had come up with numerous plans to kill him, none of which had worked. And yet, here he was, acting almost like a lapdog to Yang Qi.

“Talk, Yang Qi,” Old Man Superdestruction said. “If you have hard evidence to point to the alternate dimension the Crown Prince is hiding in, then the Shroud-Heaven Alliance will give you whatever you want. Young Master Shroud-Heaven has already arranged a handsome reward...

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