Chapter 225: Old Man Superdestruction

“Excellent. Now that you’re a Legendary, Yang Qi, your potential is limitless. As long as you manage to stay alive, you’ll definitely reach the peaks of glory.” Hua Tianxiong made no effort to keep the tone of praise out of his voice.

“Many thanks, Uncle, you truly flatter me,” Yang Qi replied humbly. “Really, it was just a fluke that I managed to reach the Legendary level.” He knew that he had earned Hua Tianxiong’s respect, and also the right to talk with him as an equal. Without that, there was no way he would agree to back Yang Qi up in the upcoming negotiations, not even if he was a sworn brother of Hua Fengfeng.

“You have the Grand Emperor's Pagoda?” Hua Tianxiong asked.

“Indeed, Uncle. Take a look.” A moment later, a bronze pagoda appeared on his palm, which he unhesitatingly handed to Hua Tianxiong.

He had no fear of Hua Tianxiong attempting to take the item. The man was a Never-Dying Legendary, and would be a powerful and important...

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