Chapter 224: Hua Tianxiong

Patriarch Frost-Drake knew that things had long since reached the point where resisting Yang Qi was pointless. He was simply too weak for that.

He had lost the sword energy of the Ravaging Dual Sword Sect that he had spent decades upon decades cultivating, and was now stuck at Nonary Lifeseizing, with no hope of becoming a Legendary. Back when Yang Qi had been weaker, he had nursed thoughts of revenge. But now, with Yang Qi a Legendary, and in possession of the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, any such thoughts were long gone.

He now thoroughly acknowledged allegiance to Yang Qi, and had no thoughts of crossing him.

In fact, he actually hoped that after Yang Qi grew more powerful, he would offer cultivation help.

Clasping hands respectfully, he said, “Milord, may I ask why you called upon me today? Your humble servant will go through hell and high water to carry out any task you assign me.”

“I actually do have an important assignment for you. Who’s in charge of your Shroud-Heaven Alliance at the moment? Is Young Master Shroud-Heaven himself around?...

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