Chapter 223: A Deal with the Shroud-Heaven Alliance

Yang Qi left the sprawling ocean and headed back toward Yanhaven, taking Blightczar Manyrivers and Huang Hou with him, two experts in the third Legendary transformation.

Yanhaven looked much the same as it always had, but its overall aura had changed. Adjustments had been made allowing it to conform to the five phases, the eight trigrams, and the yin and yang. And the Yan River which flowed past it was filled with so much spirit energy that it almost seemed like a sea.

Large-scale construction was underway all around the city, with buildings rising up everywhere. The entire populace was high-spirited and full of mettle, and their auras were so powerful that even ghosts and gods would be shocked by them.

The six months of complete still and quiet had been profoundly beneficial. And now, the benefits were coming into play.

The city was expanding, people were being trained, and forces were being recruited.

As of this point, the Yang Clan could be considered a mid-level aristocratic clan, not the small-scale force they had once been. Even without Yang Qi, the fact...

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