Chapter 223: A Deal with the Shroud-Heaven Alliance

Yang Qi left the sprawling ocean and headed back toward Yanhaven, taking Blightczar Manyrivers and Huang Hou with him, two experts in the third Legendary transformation.

Yanhaven looked much the same as it always had, but its overall aura had changed. Adjustments had been made allowing it to conform to the five phases, the eight trigrams, and the yin and yang. And the Yan River which flowed past it was filled with so much spirit energy that it almost seemed like a sea.

Large-scale construction was underway all around the city, with buildings rising up everywhere. The entire populace was high-spirited and full of mettle, and their auras were so powerful that even ghosts and gods would be shocked by them.

The six months of complete still and quiet had been profoundly beneficial. And now, the benefits were coming into play.

The city was expanding, people were being trained, and forces were being recruited.

As of this point, the Yang Clan could be considered a mid-level aristocratic clan, not the small-scale force they had once been. Even without Yang Qi, the fact that the clan lord was a Quinary Lifeseizer was telling. After all, in the four institutes, Quinary Lifeseizers were conclave students.

Of course, Yang Qi was a Legendary, and clans that had Legendary patriarchs were considered top-tier.

Currently, he was now considered to be on the level of a patriarch, much like the position Patriarch Mongolbeast had in the Mongol Clan back in Mongoltar.

Although matters of ranking and seniority had to be maintained in the clan itself, meaning that Yang Qi couldn’t formally occupy the position of patriarch, as far as the rest of the world was concerned, strength and power were the most important things.

Currently, some of the chief elders had gathered in the royal palace to meet with Yang Zhan, along with some of the government officials from the other aristocratic clans. They looked excited, but at the same time nervous. 

First to speak was Yang Xingshi. “Clan Lord, the cultivation bases of everyone in Yanhaven have improved recently. Unfortunately, we’re running dangerously low on energy convergence pills, and don’t know what to do about that. Clan Lord, please, can you make a decision?”

“I'm aware of the situation,” Yang Zhan replied. “We can’t rush things. The clan’s foundation is too weak at the moment. Although everyone experienced a cultivation base improvement, we don’t have the resources to keep up with the demand. My suggestion is that we send troops to take some of the coastal nations such as the State of Yun. Not only would we acquire more resources that way, we would also have the chance to benefit from overseas trading. That would definitely improve our financial situation. A big push to recruit troops will also help our construction efforts. In the end, though, taking one of those coastal cities is probably the best bet.”

“You've really thought things through, Your Highness.” The ministers all dropped to their knees in reverence. After all, they were all aware that Yang Zhan was a Quinary Lifeseizer, and his son was in the Nonary level, just about to become a Legendary. Many people in the clan had never even heard of the Legendary level before. However, they now knew that people such as that were essentially god-spirits from heaven, completely eminent and unapproachable.


At this point in the discussion, a wave of energy swept over the audience hall, and Yang Qi appeared.

Yang Zhan was the first to see him, and he immediately rose to his feet. “Qi’er, what are you doing back? Did something go wrong with your training?” 

“Don’t worry, Father. My training went perfectly. I'm a Legendary now! Plus, I acquired incredible wealth.” Yang Qi looked around at everyone else in the hall, all of whom were prostrating as low as possible.

And when they heard the words he had just spoken, their minds reeled as if they had been smashed by a mountain, and they couldn’t help but break out into discussion.

“Legendary?! I can’t believe he's a Legendary!”

“I'm not even completely sure of how strong Legendaries are. But I do know that in the Demi-Immortal Institute, Legendaries are all holy neophytes. Their ranking system goes freshman, outer campus, inner campus, elite, conclave, holy neophyte. Even an outer campus student can call the wind and summon the rain. So what about the holy neophytes?”


“The Yang Clan is flourishing. No one will dare to cross us now. Perhaps one day we’ll even have a Great Sage in our midst!”

“A Great Sage clan. They get written about in the histories, and remembered for all eternity!”

“Quit jabbering! We need to offer congratulations!”

Almost in unison, everyone kowtowed and said, “Congratulations, Young Lord. May you reign supreme for all eternity!”

“You're unparalleled under heaven, Young Lord! You’ll surely unite the continent under your rule!”

“Very well,” Yang Qi said, “let this royal court be adjourned for today. You’re all dismissed. I’ve already taken care of the financial problems of the clan. I’ll make all the arrangements tomorrow.” With that, he waved his hand dismissively.

The various ministers and officials left, looking very excited. Within moments, word of him being a Legendary would be spreading through Yanhaven like wildfire. Of course, there was no way he would reveal the information about what he had done to the House of Shadowblight, or the exact details of the wealth he had acquired.

That night, he held a long meeting with his father and brothers in which he provided a detailed account of how he had dealt with Blightczar Manyrivers and Huang Hou. Afterward, they created a special dimension in the depths of the royal palace where they stored all of the wealth from Mongoltar, the Myriad Consortium, and the House of Shadowblight.

Then, he called upon the powers of the Grand Emperor's Pagoda to force Huang Hou and Blightczar Manyrivers to help with the spell formations protecting Yanhaven. After all, back when he wiped out the House of Shadowblight’s moving island, he had acquired a large collection of materials useful for working with spell formations. At this point, the area for hundreds of kilometers surrounding Yanhaven was virtually impregnable.

Yang Qi had never been a top expert of spell formations, but now that he was a Legendary, his skill and ability had improved quite a bit. And there were many functions of the Grand Emperor's Pagoda that he could use with complete ease.

Yang Zhan now had a massive subterranean defensive spell formation at his disposal, countless flying swords and magical treasure in his storehouses, and numerous spirit stones in hand. It was almost like a dream.

Over the years, the Blight Legion Church had built up the House of Shadowblight as a sort of military encampment in the Rich-Lush Continent, and Yang Qi had benefited greatly because of that. He had even taken many blightpuppets, which were now being held in the Grand Emperor's Pagoda. And thanks to the spell formations around the city and in the Yan River, even Legendaries who attacked the area would be killed.

After three days, the work was done. At that point, Yang Zhan actually took some of the lower-quality items that Yang Qi had given him and distributed them to the populace. Such items might be relatively useless to him, but were considered spectacular treasures to the general population. After all, the Mongol Clan from Mongoltar had been even richer than the House of Shadowblight. Their wealth was enough to sustain the cultivation of the people of Yanhaven for a hundred years.

Now, Yanhaven had enough to support even ten times its current population.

With the spell formations set up and the resources distributed, the focus became building projects and the training of troops. The time was coming to invade the coastal areas, and the first target would naturally be the State of Yun and the Yun Clan.

Everyone in Yanhaven knew that Yang Qi had a big grudge with the Yun Clan. Yun Hailan was his archenemy, and thus, it was only natural that the people loyal to him wanted to put an end to them.


After his work was finished, Yang Qi took Blightczar Manyrivers and Huang Hou and headed toward the East Sea, which was the location of the Shroud-Heaven Alliance. He was no longer worried about running into any dangerous people. He could kill even Five-Phases Legendaries if he struck quickly enough, and if he went all out, could probably fight to a draw with someone in the fifth Legendary transformation.

And that wasn’t even taking into consideration the deadly God Legion Seal.

The endless azure sea was a beautiful sight. As Yang Qi flew along, the scattered islands he passed reminded him of that one particular island of peach blossoms, and the day he gained so many new sworn siblings. Thanks to the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, all of them were now Nonary Lifeseizers, and would likely become Legendaries soon.

Although, that actually caused him to feel a bit worried. He knew more than ever now that becoming a Legendary was no simple task, and that failure in that effort meant death. No one would survive having their bones crushed and their soul wiped out of existence.

If any of his sworn siblings were to die, the grief would stab him to his heart. However, there was nothing he could do to help. Breaking through to the Legendary level was a personal thing that others could not provide assistance for.

“If any of my brothers or sisters die, I will remember their names, and when I acquire the true cultivation base of a godmammoth, then perhaps the power of the Sovereign Lord will enable me to resurrect them.” Shaking his head, he shoved such thoughts away.

Eventually, he reached one particular deserted island. Landing, he waved his hand and sent a paper talisman flying out, which then vanished.

Before long, a stream of frigid energy approached, which was none other than Patriarch Frost-Drake. As soon as he looked at Yang Qi, an expression of shock overtook his face. “Your aura… you’re a Legendary?!”

“Yes, I reached the Legendary level,” Yang Qi said coolly.


Patriarch Frost-Drake stumbled backward and fell into a sitting position, where he remained, panting in shock. “Back in the Heavendawn Quarry, after you entered that Sura Devil-Eye, Young Master Shroud-Heaven and the Crown Prince had a fierce fight. They both resorted to trump cards. And then the Grand Emperor's Pagoda appeared and flew off to who knows where. Were you responsible for that?”

“Yes. I have the Grand Emperor's Pagoda. And as a Legendary, I can unleash many of its terrifying abilities.”

Getting onto his knees, Patriarch Frost-Drake said, “I see. Milord, henceforth, I Frost-Drake, will serve you with complete and utter loyalty.”

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