Chapter 189: A Chat

Sura power became sura flames, far more powerful than anything up to this point. In fact, the invincible fire took the shape of devil-ghosts and demonlings, vicious things that could vanquish all types of energy arts and vital power.

Compared to this type of fire, the flames of the Cosmic Sunflare Sword were like nothing. In fact, no energy arts could really compare to it. When it burned souls to death, they would become the suras and devils that would later appear within the flame to augment its power.

When sura flames killed a person, that person’s soul became part of the fire.

As the flames slammed into Yang Qi, the true energy of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth hissed and sparked, and he felt like his bones were weakening.

It almost seemed like he was going to be absorbed and eaten up by the fire.

‘The hell-crushing godmammoths could subdue suras as well.’

There was no time to sit around worrying about what was happening. Yang Qi immediately called upon his strongest technique, summoning the Hell Portal, which began to suck in the flames and convert them into power that he could use.

Instantly, the amount of sura power he could benefit from reached new heights.

He was using the life force of this asura to refine his own energy arts and cultivation base. He was now an Octonary Lifeseizer, but his true energy vestiges had transformed into nascent divinities, something from Nonary Lifeseizing. All he had to do was push his cultivation a bit more, and he could fully break through, and be right on the cusp of reaching the Legendary level.

Of course, stepping from Nonary Lifeseizing into the Legendary level was a massively difficult undertaking.

It would be difficult to say how many Nonary Lifeseizers throughout history failed to become Legendaries, and reached the ends of their incredible lifespans, whereupon they returned to the dust.

However, Yang Qi was confident that he would succeed.

As the sura flames poured into him, his true energy nascent divinities grew stronger, and their martial arts forms more clear and profound. After all, their martial arts were legacies of this ancient asura.

Any asura could be considered a grandmaster of martial disciplines. Every form and stance they knew had been practiced millions of times, and were the type that few could stand against.

Now that Yang Qi was in this asura’s hall, he wasn’t thinking about the sealing marks, but rather, was working on his cultivation. If he could reach Nonary Lifeseizing, he would be at the peak of his current level, and so close to the Legendary level that his battle prowess would be vastly superior to before.

However, it was at this point that the sound of clinking chains once again rang out, and an enormous head stooped down to look at him. It was hideous to the extreme, with green skin, long fangs, white hair, and red eyes. All in all, it looked far more terrifying than even a ten-thousand-year-old corpse king.

The asura had finally detected Yang Qi’s aura, and was now looking into what type of person could possibly be here absorbing his sura flame.

A powerful will filled the hall as the asura said, “I can’t believe you can absorb my sura flame. Who exactly are you? Don’t tell me you’re one of the Devilfolk too? Wait, is that the godpower of the sura people that I sense on you? The Hell of Suras exists far, far away from this damnable continent. Who would ever have thought I would encounter one of my people here?”

Yang Qi immediately backed up and looked at the enormous asura staring at him curiously.

“That's right,” he said, “I do have sura power in me, and the blood of the sura people. I’m not scared of you.” It was outright rubbish, except the last sentence. He knew the asura was sealed, and thus incapable of doing anything to him. In fact, he wasn’t even worried if the asura saw through his deception. His main goal was to see what he could get from the thing.

“So, you are one of my people!” The asura shook his head briefly, causing the sura flames to leap into the air. “Did you come here to free me? If you do, I’ll bless you to no end. In fact, I can even give you the correct method to cultivate with sura power. It seems your current energy arts actually have a lot of flaws! You might be able to absorb my power now, but eventually, the baleful energy within it will transform you into a monster.”

“Oh?” Yang Qi’s mind was racing as he tried to decide what to do next. Obviously, the asura was just toying with him. Any expert would be able to tell that Yang Qi’s energy arts were incredibly powerful. And this crafty, ancient asura was no exception. Furthermore, Yang Qi couldn’t help but wonder if the talk of flaws was some sort of trap.

Instead of contradicting the asura, he acted like he was afraid. “Really? I'm actually a disciple from a famous orthodox sect. I just happened to come across this spectacular technique that lets me absorb any type of evil energy in the world. The reason I told you I have the blood of suras in me is that I was worried you might kill me.”

The asura burst out into laughter, and the flames in the hall surged with even more heat and light. “I am Akkhongž, a general among the sura people. Why would I kill a child like you? That’s what you are to me, you know. A child. Even without the blood of suras in you, you don’t need to worry. Look, I’ve been alone in here for a long time, so just being able to chat with you is actually wonderful. Why don’t you demonstrate your energy arts for me? I can help you improve them a bit! As you probably know, the sura people are the ultimate masters of martial arts. We can spot flaws in any technique we see.”

“Is that so?” Yang Qi could already tell that, just like Ghost Emperor Yama, this asura was after his technique. “Well, I’m sorry to say that, when I got the technique, I swore an oath not to share it with anyone.”

“Oh, I see. That's fine. Just wait until you absorb enough of the sura power and start feeling uncomfortable. At that point you’ll probably understand the flaws on your own. By the way, what's the situation outside? And how did you end up in this Sura Devil-Eye?” The asura was clearly hoping to give Yang Qi enough rope to hang himself, and was thus pretending that he didn’t care about the technique.

“I’m from the Demi-Immortal Institute. Our chancellor told me that there was some sort of monster sealed in this place. Considering that my technique is the bane of wretch energy, he sent me here to try to take that monster’s magical treasure, and also kill it.” Yang Qi hoped that by simply telling the truth, he might get some more insight into what the chancellor’s true plan was.

For one thing, he had no idea what the chancellor’s ‘Demi-Immortal’ sealing mark did. Messing with it in ignorance might only further the chancellor’s plan, and save the Crown Prince from disaster. In contrast, this asura likely knew all about the chancellor, and might end up shedding some light on the matter.

“So, it was that contemptible parasite!” The asura suddenly seethed with killing intent so boundless that it forced Yang Qi back a few steps. “He’s a treacherous schemer to the core, and impossible to read. He stole from me, and stole secrets of the ancient Great Sages of the Demonfolk. Despite being trapped here, I managed to figure out what those Great Sages had hidden here. Unfortunately, he conned me, and took my Heavendawn Treatise. Then he strengthened the sealing marks, making it even more impossible for me to escape. In any case, it's wonderful that you’re here. After all, he left behind a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering magical treasure called the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, which is linked to the demon formation here. Once that demon formation is activated, the Grand Emperor's Pagoda can control a large portion of it.”

Yang Qi nodded. “On my way in, I noticed quite a few Demonfolk outside trying to take control of the spell formation. Seems that wouldn’t be good for you, would it?”

“No, it wouldn’t. Those Demonfolk are trying to use the formation to melt me and make me an out-of-body incarnation for one of their leaders. Unfortunately, their efforts are all in vain. The Grand Emperor's Pagoda forms the nucleus of the spell formation, and is controlled by someone else. If they pour enough power into it, the Grand Emperor's Pagoda will fly away of its own accord, right into the hands of that despicable chancellor of yours. Of course, it's not like I’m completely powerless here. I realized long ago what was happening, and managed to secretly send some of my own power in to the pagoda, which will make it less responsive. Unfortunately, it’s a miraculous treasure from the distant past that not even I can refine for my own use. However, if you're really from the Demi-Immortal Institute, then maybe you could be of some aid. If you can help me take control of the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, I’ll become invincible! I’ll definitely break through to the Great Sage level, and become a greater asura!”

Yang Qi plastered a begrudging look onto his face. “Uh… what type of magical treasure is this Grand Emperor's Pagoda? It’s strong enough to get you into the Great Sage level?”

“What. Don’t want to help? You think the Grand Emperor's Pagoda belongs to you or something? You're wrong. Let me tell you, that despicable chancellor of yours tricked you. Even if you got the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, you wouldn’t be able to use it. Your cultivation base is definitely too low. The pagoda was created in antiquity; it’s a weapon forged by an actual grand emperor! It has too many functions to list out, but one of the most noteworthy is providing power for breakthroughs. The whole reason your chancellor left the pagoda hidden here was so that it could absorb me, convert me into raw power, and give it to someone to break through to the Great Sage level. There’s simply no way that damn chancellor meant for the Grand Emperor's Pagoda to go to you. Most likely, it’s intended for his apprentice, that expert in the ninth Legendary transformation.”

In that moment, Yang Qi’s eyes lit up with understanding. ‘The Crown Prince!’ 

The chancellor had talked of killing a monster and taking a treasure. But it was all a sham. A trick. He had left the Grand Emperor's Pagoda hidden here for the Crown Prince.

Apparently, he realized that the fight between the Crown Prince and Young Master Shroud-Heaven would end in this enormous demon formation. However, once the Crown Prince was in the formation, and just when his opponent thought that he was doomed, the Grand Emperor's Pagoda would fly out, and use the refined power of the asura to push the Crown Prince into the Great Sage level. Then he could kill Young Master Shroud-Heaven and all the other wretch-devils. The Demi-Immortal Institute would then be the subject of even more acclaim, and would strengthen its grip on the continent as a whole.

As for Yang Qi, he was little more than a pawn to the chancellor, and his mission was a farce. At best, the chancellor might try to convince the Crown Prince that because he was a Great Sage, he should spare him.

However, there was no way Yang Qi would let things play out that way.

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