Chapter 168: Finals (Part 2)

Ao Yiyue bucked the trend. She dodged Yang Qi’s sword technique, then unleashed an enormous palm attack that was a consummate discipline from the Sea God Institute.

The Sea-Quelling Megapalm.

It was said that, once mastered, it could be used to quash the most powerful hurricanes, and also the most powerful devils.

To cultivate it, the practitioner was required to remain inside of a hurricane, and absorb its power for days and nights on end. Eventually, that person’s true energy would connect with the sea itself, and conversely, the sea’s power would connect to the person. That was the way to unleash this uncharacteristically powerful palm attack.

Upon being unleashed, it was like a hurricane, able to crush anything in its path.

How could Yang Qi have guessed that Ao Yiyue, who seemed like such a dainty young woman, would attack with power like this? The sight of her Sea-Quelling Megapalm descending from above made him feel like an entire sea was about to crash down onto him.

“Rustling Wind!”

There was no time to think. Yang Qi immediately resorted to his top sword technique, the seven moves from the Ravaging Dual Sword Sect. His sword stabbed into the wind, making him one with nature as the storm of vital energy from the Sea-Quelling Megapalm surrounded him. And yet, no matter how powerful the palm was, it couldn’t touch him.

Clanging sounds could be heard as the sword and the palm clashed, along with intense flashes of light. The two fighters were competing on terms of true energy, fleshly body, and even their animadestiny willpower.

“Sea-Calming Finger.”

The palm vanished, to be replaced by a single, dazzling finger that almost looked like a massive needle capable of forcing calm into the wildest of seas.

Yang Qi’s sword energy was shattered, forcing the Ice-Soul God-Sword out into the open. It was dark green, like jadeite, and exquisitely beautiful, pulsing with frigid energy that turned everything around it into a mysterious kingdom of ice.


Ao Yiyue’s sea-calming power smashed into Yang Qi’s divine sword. 

“Give up!” she said. “Your Ice-Soul God-Sword is amazing, but your cultivation base isn’t strong enough to wield it properly.”

“Sorry to disappoint.” Yang Qi spun his sword, causing it to spiral toward Ao Yiyue’s finger attack, using a technique so marvelous that it surpassed nature itself.

It was none other than Ravage Law.

In this technique the ‘law’ referred to none other than magical law.

This aspect of the Ravaging Dual Sword Sect’s technique was designed to vanquish all sorts of magical and natural laws, to revert cosmic nature, and to control anything and everything with the sword. It was an ultimate technique that could defy all laws and principles, even those of the heavens.

Although Yang Qi wasn’t yet a Legendary, and thus had not reached the level of being able to use one sword technique to destroy myriad laws, he was still able to evade all types of true energy attacks.

Quite a few spectators noticed what was happening, and couldn’t help but let out exclamations of admiration. “Excellent sword technique!”

Even some of the Legendary experts said the same thing.

Patriarchs Wind and Cloud had very dark expressions on their faces, as did other experts who had made wagers with Holy Daughter Manyflowers. By now, they were coming to realize that Yang Qi was the type of freak who couldn’t be judged by ordinary means.

And yet, even as Yang Qi vanquished Ao Yiyue’s Sea-Calming Finger, he unleashed another spectacular move.

“Alright, Elder Sister. Get ready for my next move! Ravish Heaven!

After Ravage Law was Ravish Heaven!

The purpose of this sword technique from the Ravaging Dual Sword Sect was to destroy all laws, then rebuke and destroy heaven itself. In this technique, the swordsman was the ultimate figure in all existence.

That ancient sect was a larger organization than any of the four institutes. Unfortunately, when the Yore-Wilds Continent was destroyed, it vanished into the sands of time, leaving behind only this sword technique, of which only a few moves could still be considered invincible.

A sword to ravish heaven.

As everyone watched, Yang Qi’s sword seemed to suck in all the light in the area, blotting out heaven and earth, sun and moon alike.

The sun and moon were created to give light to the lands, and nourish all living beings. But his sword technique snatched that light, which was a challenge to heaven itself, and a threat to all living things.

Sword energy abounded, causing swords to appear everywhere and nowhere.

Yang Qi vanished, leaving in his stead only a sword manifestation that shot toward Ao Yiyue with deadly force. It was as if the sword had consumed Yang Qi, and had been bedeviled, completely leaving his control.

The wail of ghost-gods filled the air, and boundless baleful energy filled the area. It was even possible to see the projected images of devil-ghosts.

It was as if this sword move was a technique from antiquity, like a sword devil from the Ravaging Dual Sword Sect, resurrected and leading an army of devils to heaven to challenge the legion of gods.

Ao Yiyue’s face fell and she backed up. 

Seven Forms of the Sea God!” she cried, true energy erupting out. “Sea-Quelling form, Sea-Calming form, Sea-Leveling form, Sea-Pacifying form, Sea-Disturbing form, Sea-Parting form, Sea-Ravaging form!

The seven moves caused seven seas to appear around her, nearly obscuring her. Obviously, any attack against her would need to get past these seven seas first.

In some strange ways, they were actually reminiscent of Yang Susu’s seven seas of energy.

However, Yang Qi’s sword only seemed to grow more powerful as it met the seven resisting seas, and in that moment, he seemed to suddenly gain deeper enlightenment into the profound secrets of the Ravaging Dual Sword Sect.

As a result, his Ravish Heaven sword stance grew even more enigmatic.

WHAAAAAM! The seven seas were all vanquished, and the tip of the sword was suddenly closing in on Ao Yiyue’s throat.

In that instant, a heavenly shield sprang up to oppose the sword, composed of seventy-two streams of water.

It was the manifestation of a magical treasure called the Mysticwater Heavenshield, created by extracting mystic waters for ten thousand years, and forming them into seventy-two spell formations of virtually impenetrable strength. Any energy art used on the Mysticwater Heavenshield would be almost instantly absorbed.

Therefore, Yang Qi’s sword deflated like a balloon upon contacting it, causing true energy to spill out without cease.

“You’ve lost, Junior Brother Yang Qi. However, you forced me to sacrifice my Mysticwater Heavenshield, and of that, you should be proud.”

“You’re wrong again.” Yang Qi’s sword energy vanished, and he backed up. Then his own true energy replaced the sword energy from moments ago, making him even more powerful, like a god from heaven descended into the mortal world. Then, he unleashed the full set of seven sword moves.

“Freezing Night. Flying Stars. Rustling Wind. Broken Moon. Shocking Clouds. Ravage Law. Ravish Heaven!”

In the blink of an eye, the seven manifestations of the technique swirled together, shrinking down and combining.


The Mysticwater Heavenshield was pierced, and Yang Qi’s sword stabbed toward Ao Yiyue. True energy surged, and a wave of light erupted out, accompanied by a loud cracking sound.

Yang Qi retracted his energy and stepped back, looking completely calm and leisurely. “You’ve lost, Elder Sister. I smashed your identity medallion.”

The cracking sound from moments ago was her identity medallion breaking.

A moment passed in which Ao Yiyue recovered her composure. Then, she said, “Nice sword technique. Yang Qi, was it? I'm going to remember you, Junior Brother. I lost, but at the same time, I learned. If I ever make it to the Legendary level, it will definitely be because of this battle. One day, I’ll come looking for you again.”

With that, she leaped off the fighting platform.

Yang Qi’s defeat of Ao Yiyue led to another commotion. After all, she was from an imperial clan of the sea. She was also a top expert in the Sea God Institute, and a famed Nonary Lifeseizer.

She was considered one of the most likely candidates in the Sea God Institute to reach the Legendary level, and yet, had been defeated by an elite student.

Of course, everyone knew that it was no fluke. The seven sword moves Yang Qi had used were each deadly to an unimaginable level. All of them contained the invincible sword will of the ancient Ravaging Dual Sword Sect, which could pierce even heaven itself.

It was a sword technique that could lead to the highest levels of fame.

Up on the observation deck, Prince Wei from the Sage Ancestor Dynasty smiled enigmatically. ‘Interesting. Things just keep getting more and more interesting. He defeated Ao Yiyue! Seems this Yang Qi is going to make it into the top ten. The fighting is only going to get more intense, and the experts more skilled. How far will he actually get?’

Holy Daughter Manyflowers was also looking at Yang Qi. ‘Yang Qi. Nephew of my apprentice. He's really giving me a lot of face. However, I can also tell that those seven spectacular moves of his were just a cover. He still hasn’t used his most powerful techniques. When he does, it will shake heaven and earth. Come on, Yang Qi. Do it. Shock everyone!’

She had assessed matters perfectly. After all, she was the type of rare genius who only came along every thousand years. She became a Legendary at forty, which, considering her total longevity, made her like an infant.

In fact, she actually looked younger than Yang Susu, as if she were little more than a teenager.

Of course, no one would dare to underestimate her, especially now that she was a Legendary.

She had long since come to realize that Yang Qi’s true strength came from another source. Although she wasn’t sure exactly what it was, her sixth sense was telling her that it was something monumental.

Li He and the others were left speechless by Yang Qi’s victory over Ao Yiyue. From their perspective, this sworn brother of theirs was just performing one miracle after another.

Another round started, and there were only ten competitors left.

These ten were the absolute top experts from among the countless students of the four institutes. And one of them was Yang Qi.

It was a complete miracle, and as a result, everyone was watching this dark horse of the competition, and wondering how far he would go.

His next opponent: Xie Feng!

He was a leader among the conclave students in the Crown Prince Society, and a top contender for first place in the competition. He had defeated countless experts so far, including geniuses from the Sun Moon, Sea God, and True Dragon Institutes.

His nickname? The Heaven-Toppler.

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Deathblade's Thoughts

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