Chapter 1597: A Discussion with ‘Mother’

The essence of the god world had called out to Yang Qi.

Therefore, he stepped out of his empire into primal-chaos. Looking around, he could see the primal-chaos slowly shrinking, like a lake that was slowly evaporating in the hot sun and turning into a quagmire.

The world of primal-chaos was large, but with the god world and the Sage Monarch Empire constantly expanding, it was slowly getting smaller and smaller.

Two tigers cannot live on one mountain. One sea cannot contain two dragons.

Resources were limited.

One day, the resources would run out, and death would result.

From their perspective, both Yang Qi and the essence of the god world could see the changes occurring.

Clasping his hands behind his back, Yang Qi said, “Show yourself.”

A mighty will descended, taking human form a few dozen meters in front of him. It was Greensura.

Yang Qi’s mother.

Of course, Yang Qi knew that this terrifying entity wasn’t truly his mother. His real mother no longer existed, having been absorbed by the essence...

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