Chapter 1596: The Debut of Greensura

The essence of the god world had taken human form, and it looked exactly like Greensura. It might even be possible to say that it was Greensura, and Greensura was it.

The will of the god world had combined with Greensura in order to manifest itself.

Greensura was fundamentally an extraordinary individual. Considering she had given birth to Yang Qi, that much was obvious. However, the essence of the god world had changed her, otherwise she couldn’t have appeared in this fashion.

Which was more difficult: for an ant to turn into an elephant, or for an elephant to turn into an ant? Both would be extremely challenging.

“Hello, King of Godmammoths,” Greensura said. Her voice was clear and crisp, and everyone who heard it felt somehow comfortable and calm.

“Y-y-you... you,” the King of Godmammoths stammered, trembling physically. “You're the essence of the god world? How did you take this form?”

“I'm Greensura, Yang Qi’s mother. Yang Qi is a Fateless One, and considering I gave birth to him, what’s so surprising about this? King of Godmammoths, you worked...

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