Chapter 1594: Essence in Human Form

Shocking news had just been revealed to the King of Godmammoths, Demon Master, and High Priestess. The essence of the god world was going to take human form. They weren’t even sure how to react.

The god world wasn't a person. It was more like an animal, except its true existence was something that people couldn’t truly comprehend. After all, it could take anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of years for it to form a single thought.

There was no way to change that.

The god world was so large it defied imagination. It was like a combination of innumerable half-Annulled experts.

Everything it did happened slowly. It wasn’t like ordinary gods, who could experience billions of thoughts in a single moment. That was why it had to operate through a representative.

Even that was only possible through great effort.

If the god world had been able to directly interfere with the Sovereign Lord, he would have...

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