Chapter 1592: Complete Fateless One (Part 2)

Yang Qi had inserted something into the life force seed Proud Heaven had placed in Hailan. As for what it would turn into, only time would tell. But it would definitely be a tool to use against Proud Heaven.

Although Proud Heaven was currently backed by the essence of the god world, there was far more to him than that. He had the Great Necropolis, which he could use at any time to combat the will of the god world. Perhaps he could even use it to devour the god world. Yang Qi was under no illusions. He knew how incredibly ambitious Proud Heaven was. He might as well have been a fiend-devil who would devour anyone he needed in order to accomplish his goals.

Working with him didn’t make any sense, as those who worked with him always ended up as corpses. And no one had ever been able to avoid being devoured by him.

Thus, Yang Qi was using Hailan as a pawn against...

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