Chapter 1588: Viciously Crushing Hailan (Part 3)

Hailan had revealed the Soul of the Ancestor God.

It wasn’t a person, but a conglomeration of preheaven vital energy that had been born out of primal-chaos big bang explosions before the existence of the god world. According to the stories, it was the foundation of the gods, and contained the ultimate expression of godliness.

The original ancient primal-chaos hadn’t contained any gods. However, the weak entities that had existed within it, upon making contact with the Soul of the Ancestor God, could instantly become gods.

However, after enough time went by, and a certain number of gods were created, the Soul of the Ancestor God disappeared. Who could have ever guessed that Hailan would track down what remained of it? It was something that could make the weakest of people into Lesser Gods.

That made it like the key to the civilization of the gods, and incredibly...

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