Chapter 1586: Viciously Crushing Hailan

King Immortal-Slayer had left a back door open, allowing Yang Qi to sneak right into the Deathless Heaven Empire without anyone being the wiser.

The truth was that if Proud Heaven hadn’t integrated the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart into his empire’s destiny, it would have been much more difficult for Yang Qi to sneak inside. His immense aura definitely would have provoked a reaction, one that Proud Heaven would almost certainly notice. But now, despite the fact that he had defenses that not even half-Annulled experts could easily bypass, he had created a huge weakness for himself that not even he was aware of.

After all, it had all been done by King Immortal-Slayer, who was even beyond the level of the King of Godmammoths. The King of Godmammoths had never been able to free himself from the fetters put in place by the Sovereign Lord, whereas King Immortal-Slayer had directly contended with him.

After sneaking inside, Yang Qi didn’t dare do anything other than observe the workings of the destiny around him.

The population...

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