Chapter 1584: Yang Qi Makes a Move (Part 2)

The power behind the summoning was immense, but Yang Qi’s cultivation base was in the half-Annulled level. And he was no ordinary half-Annulled expert, either. He had devoured the brain of the Wretch God, pushing his psychic scale very close to the level of a trillion. He was the top figure in the god world, such that not even the King of Godmammoths could deal with him.

He had gained enlightenment of the most profound mysteries, and was also blessed by the destiny of an empire. There was literally no one who could best him. With a mere thought, he stabilized himself and made it impossible for the fateless energy to be extracted from him.

Not only that, he tracked the summoning to its source.

His divination gave him a view of the spell formation in the depths of the Demonfolk Empire, with Yang Voidprime howling in the middle of it, completely...

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