Chapter 1577: Becoming Half-Annulled

Yang Qi had taken advantage of the situation and blown through all lines of defense.

Wretch God Ultimate had collapsed, and Yang Qi devoured his brain, until at last he broke through, detonating his monarch godhood. The power released by the explosion of his godhood connected to the Everlasting Aegis, whereupon all people in the empire could sense the power of the breakthrough in their hearts.

Everywhere throughout the empire, eyes were brimming with tears of excitement.

They knew their emperor was now a half-Annulled expert, which meant they were no longer weak and defenseless. At long last, they were a truly grand and magnificent empire.

However, the fluctuations of the explosion didn’t reach beyond the borders of the Everlasting Aegis. No one outside had any idea what was happening inside. And that was a unique situation, as normally, the almighty beings would have sensed the ascension of a new half-Annulled expert, and would have come to investigate.

But Yang Qi didn’t want the news s...

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