Chapter 1532: A Psychic Scale of Three Hundred Billion

The sage monarch magistrates were now peak Paramount Gods with psychic scales of one billion. Not only did they have more powerful cultivation bases now, but their skills in administration had also improved.

Even viceroys from the House of the Invincible were only late Paramount Gods.

As of this point, there was absolutely nothing causing problems for the management of the various lands and peoples in the Sage Monarch Empire. After all, there were two hundred million sage monarch magistrates! That was simply a huge number.

Even if the Sage Monarch Empire doubled in size, they could still manage it all. In other words, the empire could now expand and subjugate more of the surrounding nations and peoples.

It was now obvious to anyone paying attention that the emperor of this empire had risen to an unheard-of level. As for Yang Qi’s friends and family, they were all elated.

“Sorry, Lord of the Sword Dao, but you’re useless to me now. Be destroyed!”


A howl of anguish could be heard as the Lord of the Sword Dao was crushed. There wasn’t anything he could do to resist Yang Qi’s will. After all, he only had a psychic scale of a bit over a hundred billion.

Crumbling into a stream of light, he flowed into Yang Qi’s palm, where he took the shape of a sword.

Then, Yang Qi opened his mouth and devoured the sword, which became a part of him, causing his psychic scale to rise by a few billion. His psychic scale was now at over two hundred and ninety billion, while his godhood rating was still at ninety billion. Obviously, the latter needed to be increased.

As such, he turned into a primal-chaos elder-snake that shot up into the sky and started devouring the countless heavenly caliber godstones that were the stars there.

As he did, he grew larger and larger, until he had devoured over a hundred million stars. Even having taken that many, the sky was still a dazzling tableau of brilliance. That said, it was now possible to tell that there were fewer stars than before. Of course, that many godstones was something that the other three dynasties couldn’t even dream of.

After all, they used perfect caliber godstones, whereas these were heaven caliber.

Yang Qi threw his head back and laughed heartily. ‘This way, I should be able to get my godhood rating to equal my psychic scale. Ah, what a pity. My cultivation base still isn’t high enough. If I could fully step into the half-Annulled level, I could definitely devour the Halls of Heaven.’

As a primal-chaos elder-snake, he looked at the Halls of Heaven and thought about what it would be like to swallow them up. That had always been King Heaven-Devourer’s aspiration. Second to his desire to devour the Halls of Heaven had been his hope to consume the King of Godmammoths.

Yang Qi could sense that many eyes were fixed on the Halls of Heaven right now, and although they didn’t know what exactly was happening, they could tell that something momentous was going on.

Before long, his godhood rating reached the same level as his psychic scale. Now both were only about a hundred million away from reaching the level of three hundred billion.

Unfortunately, that bottleneck would be difficult to pass.

That said, he was definitely strong enough to dominate the top experts in existence in combat. Of course, it wouldn’t be simple to do that. Furthermore, now that Yang Qi had reached this level, he saw traces of the King of Godmammoths about, and was starting to think that the Sovereign Lord might not be dead after all.

He was now beginning to get very nervous.

‘I’ll just have to wait for the final battle,’ he thought. ‘The three dynasties are definitely going to besiege my Sage Monarch Empire, and I have to stop them. I have to force them to acknowledge my might. Once I'm the top power in the god world, I’ll finally be able to tell what’s really going on. People will stream to me, and stand by my side. It will prove that I am the orthodox dao.’

Yang Qi’s dao could only be corroborated by defeating the combined armies of the other three empires. That was what everything came down to.

‘This is working great. I’ve already reached a higher level. Excellent! Now that I have momentum, I need to rain fire and blood on my enemies, with my friends and family at my side! Let’s do it!’

As a primal-chaos elder-snake, he sped through the Halls of Heaven with his mouth open, devouring the countless magical treasures he found. Then he sent all of them to his empire, improving its fighting prowess.

The empire was expanding, and everyone within it knew. However, they also knew that it meant terrible times were ahead. As the magical treasures flowed in, they went to the most loyal of the top experts, all of whom immediately used them to boost their cultivation bases.

All of them went into sessions of cultivation and prayer.

Their prayers weren’t to a person, as Yang Qi didn’t need, nor want their faith. Their prayers went to the Sage Monarch Empire as a whole, as they asked for prosperity for the nation itself.

These were the preparations for war.

A night passed during which temples were erected in numerous lands within the empire. The sage monarch magistrates led the activities as all citizens worked hard to get as strong as possible.

All production work ceased, as the constant influx of magical treasures ensured that they had more resources than they could even use. Even in a hundred million years, it wouldn't be possible to produce what Yang Qi was sending from the Halls of Heaven.

‘Oh Sage Monarch Empire, I hereby pray for your prosperity. I pray that you, my empire, flourishes for all time, triumphant in every battle, victorious in every fight....’ Billions of experts were gathered, and they were all praying such things.

The destiny of the nation was converging, and the people were experiencing breakthrough after breakthrough.

Crack. Crunch.

The destiny was like the root system of a tree, spreading deep into the space below as the prayers transformed it. As it spread, numerous lands in the god world became part of the empire as it grew constantly.

The growth of the destiny represented the growth of the nation.

In fact, the destiny was so incredible that it would soon surpass the civilization of the gods.

In the civilization of the gods, destiny could be used to ordain people as gods. There was nothing in all of the universe of primal-chaos that had ever surpassed the civilization of gods. After all, nothing existed above them.

‘Incredible. The destiny is growing so rapidly!’ Yang Qi nodded in satisfaction as his armies were sent to occupy the new lands. Many places in the god world were occupied by Demonfolk, but as his destiny spread out, they were converted, and became members of the Sage Monarch Empire.

In the impure lands, people who had lived in a place for generations, then suddenly faced an incoming army who declared their homeland part of an empire, would have no choice but to accept the new rulership. This was momentum. And it was momentum that couldn’t be stopped.

Yang Qi flew into motion, heading down into his empire.

He had truly founded a new dynasty.

Thanks to the surging destiny, his friends and family were all becoming stronger, their psychic scales and godhood ratings climbing by hundreds and hundreds of millions.

Obviously, the members of the other three dynasties in the Central God-Palace noticed what was happening.

‘Just what exactly is going on? Why this sudden, dramatic change?’ Proud Heaven’s eyes widened as he saw the Sage Monarch Empire, burning like a bright torch as it expanded rapidly.

He could even hear the prayers of its countless citizens.

The Sage Monarch Empire’s destiny was expanding so rapidly that it quickly outpaced the Invincible Dynasty and the Chiliocosm Dynasty, and was soon equal to that of the Central Dynasty.

“What’s this?”

Many of the other experts present were shocked. “The Sage Monarch Empire’s dynasty is increasing so fast! This is terrifying. Horrifying! How is Yang Qi doing this?”

“There’s no time to lose, ladies and gentlemen! Yang Qi’s empire is expanding, and his people are preparing for war. His destiny is increasing, and if we just sit around here, we’ll end up dead. Sign the agreement! Join our destinies and marshal the troops!”

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