Chapter 1530: A Sudden Development

The Mahātmā Jade was right in front of Yang Qi, sealed by the character ‘devil’.

Within him, the existing pieces of the Mahātmā Jade trembled, and his mind pulsed as if it were boiling. The jade wanted to be complete. However, now wasn’t the time to act casually. He needed to find a safe place to study the talisman and the ‘devil’ character, which vibrated with the energy of all the sages and mahātmās of the horde of devils.

He was fairly certain it was another trap.

It was just his intuition, but he had a feeling that if he just combined the pieces of the jade, he would fall right into that trap. There was no way Proud Central hadn’t planned for this possibility, no matter how difficult it had been to provide aid to King Immortal-Slayer.

Therefore, he would wait until the fighting between King Immortal-Slayer and Proud Central heated up.

In the meantime, he tapped into the blood of the King of Godmammoths and studied the white mammoth that was the Lord of Righteous Justice. The fact that he bore the semblance of a white mammoth indicated that he must be connected to the King of Godmammoths somehow.

After some consideration, he forced out a drop of the King of Godmammoths’ blood, then surreptitiously sent it shooting out to enter the body of the Lord of Righteous Justice.


A small-scale explosion rippled out, and a cold smile appeared on Yang Qi’s face. ‘I knew it was a trap. Well, it's not going to be that easy to stop me. I think I’ll make a feint to the east and attack in the west. That’s how I’ll free the Lord of Righteous Justice.’


He sent out his will, piercing through all manners of sealing marks to reach into the will of the white mammoth.

He soon found himself in a pure white labyrinth that seemed to stretch on to infinity.

‘Incredible. This is the Lord of Righteous Justice’s sea of consciousness, and it's a complex maze. Any other person would likely get lost here. But with the calculations my mind can perform, I can pierce through the power of any labyrinth.’ And he began doing just that.

Before long, all the secrets of the labyrinth were laid bare to him.

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

His mind shot through the maze, entering the depths of the sea of consciousness, until he found a white mammoth, tightly sealed up in a crystal ball. The mammoth was constantly attacking the ball, trying to free itself, yet failing every time.

“Lord of Righteous Justice?” Yang Qi said via will projection.

The white mammoth suddenly went still. “Who are you? You’re not Proud Central. How come the aura of your thoughts resembles the aura of my father?”

“Your father? Are you talking about the King of Godmammoths?”

“Yes, that's right. My father was the king of Godmammoths. Who are you? Don’t tell me you’re with Proud Central. Don’t even think of trying to run some scam on me. Proud Central did that years ago, but I learned my lesson. You’re not going to assimilate my soul. I won’t let it happen. Hmph.”

Yang Qi laughed. “I don’t give a crap about Proud Central. You think I’d work for him? I came here today to free King Immortal-Slayer, and since you’re trapped as well, I might as well help you, too.”

“You can’t free me,” the white mammoth said. “This sealing mark is too strong.”

“I can free you. Perhaps not at this moment. Right now, I want to give you a bit of energy to make you stronger. Then, with you distracting Proud Central, I’ll have an opportunity to take the final piece of the Mahātmā Jade that I need. Then I can free King Immortal-Slayer, and with the two of us working together, we can take Proud Central down.”

“Alright, fine. So what's your exact plan to help me?”

The white mammoth already seemed to be leaping with joy at the prospect of being freed.

“I’ll give you some of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, which contains some of the dao of the annulled. With that boost of power, you should be able to make some headway against the sealing mark. And once you do, Proud Central will be dead!” With that, Yang Qi sent some of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth into the Lord of Righteous Justice, along with various understandings and enlightenment he had gained over the years.

Truth be told, the Lord of Righteous Justice had never cultivated the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.


Never could Yang Qi have guessed that things would work out this way.

As soon as the Lord of Righteous Justice got the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth and started cultivating it, his tusks suddenly grew longer, and his body larger. Clearly, he had just gained incredible enlightenment.

Normally speaking, it wasn’t possible to cultivate the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth without the God Legion Seal. But since the Lord of Righteous Justice was directly related to the King of Godmammoths, it was possible.

Almost immediately, the Lord of Righteous Justice surged with psychic power, which slammed into the sealing barrier and caused it to tremble.

The Lord of Righteous Justice had been born in the early years of the god world, in the form of a white megamammoth. He represented the power of justice and order, which was why Proud Central had been able to use him to create the top empire in existence.

Neither the High Priestess in the Chiliocosm Dynasty nor the Invincible Dugu in the Invincible Dynasty had been able to compete.

The pure white power of justice and righteousness made the Central Dynasty’s destiny beyond compare. Proud Central almost immediately sensed the development. “What?! What’s going on? The Lord of Righteous Justice is slipping out of my control. Be crushed! Vast Expanse God-Fist!”

He clenched his hand into a fist and unleashed the power of the great vast expanse to crush the Lord of Righteous Justice.

‘Now’s my chance!’ Yang Qi thought. Proud Central couldn’t have been more distracted, so Yang Qi quickly reached out with his will. He was making his move on the final piece of the Mahātmā Jade.

Suddenly, laughter rang out from Proud Central. “So you're finally showing your face, Yang Qi! I'm not going to let you go free! Did you think that trying to distract me with King Immortal-Slayer and the Lord of Righteous Justice would really work? You're delusional!

“Central God-Fist!”


All of a sudden, a hand shot out from inside the ancient stone door, headed directly toward Yang Qi’s expression of divine will, and grabbed it. At the last moment, Yang Qi was incapable of laying hands on the Mahātmā Jade.

Then the door opened, and a version of Proud Central stepped out that looked exactly like the version on the outside. In fact, it was impossible to tell which of them was real.

With his hand still latched on to Yang Qi’s divine will, he summoned a huge cage that dropped down and trapped Yang Qi. Meanwhile, the talisman with the ‘devil’ character flew up into the air, where it transformed into a chunk of jade.

“You can’t escape, Yang Qi. I've captured you. Now I have half of the fateless energy and the God Legion Seal! Plus, you have the rest of the Mahātmā Jade. You’re a real treasure, you know. Getting you is going to make me so strong that not even the Sovereign Lord could be my enemy. The god world is going to be mine! The High Priestess. The Invincible Dugu. They're all going to die!” He laughed again. “What you saw outside is my exterior body. This is my true self! And now you’re trapped in my Central Prison. I spent blood, sweat, and tears to make it, and now I have a Fateless One as a prisoner inside. While they continue the negotiations, I'm going to use you to become a true Annulled expert! I’ll be completely invincible!”

“Is that so?” Yang Qi said. All of a sudden, his projection of will transformed into a black ball of lightning, pulsing with incredibly destructive power. “I knew all along that you’d have traps within traps, Proud Central. Sadly for you, you can’t out-scheme me. Your prison isn’t going to do a thing to me. You see, I have a treasure from the Halls of Heaven, made from the blood of the Sovereign Lord. It's called the Universe-Origin Many-Heavens Myriad-Manifestations Transformation-Destruction God-Sphere. It's the most destructive magical treasure in existence, and little did you know that I tricked you into thinking it was me. Now that sphere is in your little cage. Have fun with it!”


Suddenly, Yang Qi’s true form appeared. Reaching out, he grabbed the final piece of the Mahātmā Jade.

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