Chapter 1517: Taking the Pills

The huge collection of Eternal-Sands Willpower Pills that Yang Qi had found would provide a huge boost to his empire’s destiny. They looked almost like sand dunes spreading out in all directions.

It was Yang Qi’s first time coming across a true treasure trove in the Halls of Heaven.


Opening his mouth, he transformed into King Heaven-Devourer, and sucked in the collection of pills.

As soon as he devoured the pills, he activated his internal teleportation portal, and sent them into the waiting hands of Jadefall, Yang Susu, and his numerous other friends and family. The veritable mountain of medicinal pills descending from above caused a shocking aura to fill everything within the Everlasting Aegis.

“These pills are incredible!” Yang Susu said. “They were concocted by the Sovereign Lord. Let's hurry and distribute them!”

“Let me take a look,” the Shepherd said, striding forward and grabbing a handful of the sesame-seed-sized pills. He tossed them into his mouth, whereupon every pore on his body erupted with sizzling flames that engulfed the entire area.

At the same time, his life force substructure transformed dramatically, and his psychic scale increased by several hundred million.

“This pill is amazing! Just what you’d expect from something made by the Sovereign Lord. It’s far beyond anything the God-Lords could make. Brothers, come, take some and see for yourself! Our empire’s destiny is going to skyrocket!”

“Sage monarch magistrates!” Jadefall said in a loud voice, and whooshing voices could be heard as a few thousand magistrates flew over. “Take these pills and fit them into our current reward system. And use them as a signing bonus for any new experts we recruit. That should improve our recruitment numbers.”

“Yes ma'am,” the sage monarch magistrate thundered back, then they gathered up the sand-like pills.

These were pills from the Halls of Heaven, personally concocted by the Sovereign Lord. Not even the House of the Invincible could produce anything close to this level.

Under the direction of the sage monarch magistrates, the pills could be distributed without worrying about anyone pocketing some on the side for personal use. And they were the perfect tool for recruiting new experts, such as top leaders from the Spritefolk.

There were also people who were owed rewards, that received the pills, took them, and instantly experienced huge jumps in cultivation base.

Most importantly, the pills could be used by Quasi-Gods and Paramount Gods alike. A Quasi-God who took one would transform on the deepest level and become a full god. And a Paramount God who took even one pill would experience a boost in their psychic scale. That wasn’t to mention what taking multiple pills could do.

A few hours passed.


The destiny of the empire burned brighter than ever as numerous geniuses reached higher levels than before. The expression advancing by leaps and bounds couldn’t even come close to describe what was happening.


Yang Qi looked on as the destiny caused the spherical greyspace that was the Everlasting Aegis to rapidly grow stronger and larger.

‘Incredible,’ he thought, feeling quite delighted. ‘It only took a few hours for the destiny to improve dramatically. Those pills really are amazing.’

By now, he had already cleared out all of the Eternal-Sands Willpower Pills.

That was when he realized there was another type of pill present. They were roughly the size of mung beans, and were stored in cauldrons, making them seem almost like grain. He had never seen pills stored in this way before.

He picked one of them up and found that it was an ancient pill known as the Jasper Yin-Yang Obstacle-Dissolving Pill, which could be used to directly improve the power of a nation or empire. It was very different from ordinary pills that were designed for a single expert to use.

Yang Qi was very pleased.

After all, he wasn’t interested in pills that would benefit his cultivation base, but rather pills that could improve the destiny of his empire. A boost in destiny would also benefit his brethren.

In terms of how to improve the destiny of a nation, it was rather simple. First, one could improve the quality of the citizens. Second, one could increase the number of citizens. Third, one could gather resources by conquering other nations.

As for the Jasper Yin-Yang Obstacle-Dissolving Pill, it could improve the people on a fundamental level, helping them survive their cultivation tribulations. Normally, tribulations were a very deadly thing, but this pill could change that.

Yang Qi inhaled deeply, absorbing all of the cauldrons and pills, and sending them into his internal teleportation portal.

Yet again, things inside the Everlasting Aegis began transforming at top speed.

Time passed, and his empire was developing at rapid speed. Normally speaking, growing that quickly would be flirting with danger, as it would be hard to provide the necessary resources. Ordinary empires would consume massive amounts of resources on a daily basis. And those resources didn’t come from nowhere. They had to be taken from the god world.

Without resources, people would starve, and in that case, destiny would decline, not increase.

However, Yang Qi didn’t need to worry about that. When he had succeeded in forming his minor god world, there had been a huge influx of preheaven treasures, enough that it would keep his empire running for hundreds of years. That wasn’t to mention the resources pouring in from the Halls of Heaven.

If an empire wanted to close its doors to the outside, it had to consider a few things: first, the godstones they could produce; second, the medicinal pills they could provide; third, the magical treasures in the empire; and fourth, the resources gained from military campaigns.

Yang Qi was fine on all of those fronts; furthermore, he could adjust how time flowed in his empire. A few days could be equivalent to a few dozen years. And in a few dozen years, it was definitely possible for his empire to grow to roughly the same level as the Invincible Dynasty.

Of course, that required a lot of godstones. But he had the Halls of Heaven, so he wasn't worried. No one else could possibly replicate what he was doing.

After clearing out the Jasper Yin-Yang Obstacle-Dissolving Pills, Yang Qi went looking for other pills. He found a large group of Dao-Enlightenment Gold Pills, which could provide deep enlightenment, then replenish the body afterward.

They were stored in bags, which made them resemble rice from the impure lands. And each bag contained tens of thousands of ‘grains’. Of course, even that much was like nothing compared to what was available in the Halls of Heaven as a whole.

As he explored the pill repository, he sent all sorts of pills back to his empire.

Meanwhile, powerful streams of destiny were flowing into him, and at the same time, his sage monarch magistrates continued proliferating.

By the time he cleared out all the pills, his sage monarch magistrates were a hundred million in number, and they were all on the verge of breakthroughs with their psychic scale. Once they succeeded, they would be peak Paramount Gods, and if Yang Qi fought with them, they could probably take down an opponent with a scale of a hundred billion. He was getting stronger and stronger.

Laughing heartily, Yang Qi said, “My empire's destiny is just getting stronger and stronger. What do you think, Lord of the Sword Dao?” The stronger Yang Qi grew, the less the Lord of the Sword Dao could struggle.

And the Sage Monarch Empire was getting more and more in the position to hold its own against the three other dynasties.

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Deathblade's Thoughts

I left out a couple paragraphs in this chapter here that basically just recap his cultivation level, and have a bunch of “this level cannot compare to this other level because the former is so much more powerful than the latter” etc. It also mentions how much stronger he is with the Lord of the Sword Dao, who is still struggling to get free, but will eventually be completely under control once Yang Qi gets stronger.