Chapter 1514: The Purrling Fights the Sword Lord

The Lord of the Sword Dao was fierce and valiant, and contrary to expectation, he actually attacked the purrling. The purrling could come and go as it saw fit in the Halls of Heaven, yet the Lord of the Sword Dao wasn’t afraid. He certainly lived up to his reputation of having thoroughly tempered himself by cultivating the sword of the heart. There was nothing that could possibly shake his sword heart.

He was the sword. The true and ultimate sword.


And right now, he was like a steel needle piercing into polished glass.

The purrling was surrounded by a huge bubble, but the Lord of the Sword Dao sent his sword stabbing into that bubble. His sword rotated, moving millions upon trillions of times per second as it burrowed inside. Sadly, it was to no avail. The purrling’s bubble was something that not even he could pierce through.


A bubble shot out and headed directly toward the Lord of the Sword Dao.

The Lord of the Sword Dao reacted with visible consternation. He knew that if that bubble wrapped around him, he wouldn’t be able to escape. There was no question: he was now in a very dangerous situation. Therefore, he swept his sword out in an arc, slashing into the bubble and causing it to burst.

‘So strong!’ Yang Qi thought. He couldn’t help but be impressed by how the Lord of the Sword Dao handled the situation. When it came to cultivation base, the dao of the sword, and fighting experience, there was no one who could match up to him.

At that point, the purrling flicked a claw, and the burst bubble suddenly expanded, turning into an enormous net that swept toward the Lord of the Sword Dao. It was the first time Yang Qi had ever seen the bubbles do anything different, and it went to show how amazing the Lord of the Sword Dao was.

Of course, Yang Qi had long since learned to imitate the purrling, and therefore, watching it fight was always very helpful. In fact, his psychic scale was becoming more perfect.

He even wondered if this trip into the Halls of Heaven would end with him reaching a psychic scale of a hundred billion, and becoming one of the most powerful beings in the god world.

It was currently at eighty billion, which was a far cry from a hundred. And further progress would only be more difficult. But considering the treasures and legacies that were available in the Halls of Heaven, it still seemed possible.

One Sword to Crush Eight Distant Lands!

The Lord of the Sword Dao slashed out with his sword, twisting elegantly as eight beams of sword light shot out and formed a mirror that blocked the purrling’s bubble net. Then, the Lord of the Sword Dao dashed out from the scope of the net, making it seem like nothing could possibly capture him.

According to Yang Qi’s estimation, he couldn’t even match such agility with his Tribulation Wings.

However, the purrling seemed to be taking everything in stride. Waving its claws again, it caused the bubble to stretch out until it looked like a sword, which then stabbed toward the Lord of the Sword Dao.

This was Yang Qi’s first time seeing the purrling use a sword technique. Nobody could match the Lord of the Sword Dao in terms of sword techniques, not even Yang Qi. Yet here the purrling was accomplishing that very task.

It used its bubble of energy to create a sword, which flew out with such elegance that it actually seemed to surpass what the Lord of the Sword Dao was capable of.

“Nice sword technique,” the Lord of the Sword Dao said, clearly shaken. “Oh mighty one, you actually have a true and real sword technique. However, I am the lord of all swords, and no one can compare to me. Not even you. I am the true master of all swords.”


The Lord of the Sword Dao unleashed a flurry of sword moves as he tried to regain the upper hand and crush the purrling’s sword.

Although the purrling’s sword was made of energy, it seemed likely that it was the number one sword in the god world, and the Lord of the Sword Dao wasn't going to take it lightly.

Sword Shakes all Things!

Break the Sword in Nine Prefectures!

One Sword to Pierce Heaven!

Sword Destroys Mountains and Rivers!

Sword Energy Like a Rainbow!

Sky of Snow Engulfing Earth!

One Sword to Seek the Dao!

Cut and Sever Even the Future!

Fate of Heaven in My Hands!

Sword Like Fate and Destiny!

The Lord of the Sword Dao was fighting with increased ferocity, and his each and every move was extremely deadly in nature. He unleashed move after move, none of which Yang Qi had ever seen before. Nor could he replicate them after having seen them. In the blink of an eye, the Lord of the Sword Dao revealed thousands of deadly sword moves, sending a river of destruction to smash into the purrling’s sword.

Unfortunately for him, the purrling's sword could never be destroyed, and it blocked all of the sword moves, crushing them out of existence.

Purr. Purr!

They had been exchanging sword blows for about four hours now, and finally, the purrling seemed to have had enough. It exhaled a stream of energy and simultaneously began growing larger, causing the Halls of Heaven to shake violently.


The sword of energy suddenly grew dramatically larger, then was thrust forth in a smacking attack.

The Lord of the Sword Dao couldn’t block it.


His sword shattered, and he was smashed down so hard he was embedded into the ground. By now, he wasn't even in human form. Instead, he had turned into a sword.

This was the Lord of the Sword Dao’s original form. Similar to the Lord of Radiance and Light, he had been born of the big bang explosions of primal-chaos, where he started out as a sword. In fact, it was entirely likely that he was the very first sword that ever existed, and as a result, his technique was number one in all heaven.

Until he met the purrling. He simply couldn’t beat the purrling.

Abandon the Sword and Demand Slaughter! The Sword Cannot be Destroyed!

Having returned to his original form, the Lord of the Sword Dao wasn’t dead or unconscious. In contrast, he now seemed capable of moving ten times faster than he could before. And instead of attacking the purrling, he headed toward Yang Qi. He was attempting to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat. He hadn’t lost yet, and considering he knew he couldn’t beat the purrling, he decided that he should shift his target to Yang Qi.

If he could cut down Yang Qi, maybe he could get the God Legion Seal, and experience a rapid advancement in cultivation. Then, he might have a chance of escaping from the purrling, and even looting the Halls of Heaven and becoming stronger than he had ever been.

In that case, he might even have a chance to become as strong as the purrling itself.

Although the purrling wasn't truly in the half-Annulled level, it was as strong as that level. As for what level it was really in, the Lord of the Sword Dao wasn’t sure.

Solitary Sword Parasitization!

Yang Qi was completely taken aback by the Lord of the Sword Dao attacking him. However, it was actually the perfect development.

Before, the Lord of the Sword Dao had been unleashing his most powerful attacks. But now he was fighting for his life, and that was a very different thing.

Now he was like a cornered animal.

Yang Qi could sense that if this attack hit him, then everything about him, including his treasures, destiny, techniques, vital energy, and psychic scale would all be taken by the Lord of the Sword Dao. It was a very profound sword technique designed to possess the target.

It was something that was designed for use in a worst-case scenario.

The Lord of the Sword Dao was putting everything on the line to deal with the greatest tribulation he had ever faced!

As for the purrling, it didn’t interfere. Apparently, it wanted to see if Yang Qi could deal with the situation. It was like a test, and if Yang Qi passed it, then it meant that he qualified to subjugate the Lord of the Sword Dao. If he couldn’t, he would die.

The purrling wasn’t Yang Qi’s guardian or nanny. It actually didn’t care if Yang Qi lived or died. That was one reason why Yang Qi didn't often ask for help from it.

The sword was moving with indescribable quickness, such that it seemed impossible to stop. In fact, Yang Qi knew that trying to block or dodge would be stupid. All of a sudden, a smile appeared on his face as he seemingly entered a lifeless and destructionless state.

The unblockable sword headed toward his throat, intent on taking his life. Defensive moves were pointless. The Lord of the Sword Dao was going all out.

However, in the moment that it seemed Yang Qi would be cut down, he suddenly vanished. More specifically, he disappeared into the Lord of the Sword Dao’s sword.

Unexpectedly, Yang Qi was simply going along with what was happening.

The Lord of the Sword Dao had resorted to a last-ditch move, and so had Yang Qi.

In the blink of an eye, their wills clashed.

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