Chapter 1508: The Highest Point of the God World

Yang Qi was currently standing at the highest point of the god world, and it had led him into a state of deep enlightenment. His mind pulsed and his thoughts stirred as his consciousness spread out over the god world at large. All of a sudden, he felt himself enter a state in which he understood deep matters regarding the existence and destruction of the god world.

From any location in the Halls of Heaven, it was possible to get a birds-eye view of the god world.

It was hard to say how the Sovereign Lord had controlled it all, or how he had searched through all of the infinite spatial nexuses of the universe to find this one specific location of immense ‘height’.

Perhaps a place like this hadn’t existed in the god world, and the Sovereign Lord had used his magnificent godpower to create one. Perhaps the Halls of Heaven actually didn’t even exist in the god world.

After all, it would be impossible to gaze upon the entire god world from within the god world.

You can’t know the true shape of the god world because of being in the god world itself. [1]

Yang Qi knew that his cultivation base wasn’t high enough to perceive the entire god world while simultaneously being in it.

Even now, while he did have a bird’s-eye view, there were still many parts of the god world that were shrouded by primal-chaos. Outside of the god world, there was nothing but primal-chaos. Furthermore, the god world was constantly expanding. Eventually, when it filled the entire world of primal-chaos, the entire multiverse would explode, bringing about the ultimate doomsday. As for what would happen afterward, it was impossible to tell.

That would be a true tribulation.

And without reaching the Annulled level, no one could survive it, not even someone like the Sovereign Lord.

Yang Qi just stood there, soaking in the view of the god world and gaining unprecedented enlightenment. As he did, his psychic scale shot upward by billions and billions.

Six hours later, intense rumbling filled him as his psychic scale reached sixty billion. At the same time, the surging godpower of the Halls of Heaven flowed into him, pushing his monarch godhood to the same level.

He was now standing atop the buildings that made up the Halls of Heaven, which represented a power that no magical treasure could match up to. The Halls of Heaven just weren’t made from the same material as the god world.

It would be like the difference between someone absorbing the rays of the sun in the sky, and a person standing on the sun directly absorbing its power. The two couldn’t compare.

As the hours passed, Jadefall and the others in the Sage Monarch Empire could sense that something was happening. The sage monarch magistrates grew stronger, then started proliferating again. As they did, they threw back their heads and let loose howls that filled the entire empire.

They weren’t howls of fear, but of passion and struggle. And the cries caused the hearts of everyone that heard them to thump with anticipation. They all knew from the sound alone that their empire would continue to thrive, and would never decline.

“The sage monarch magistrates are proliferating again. And each one is already at the peak Paramount God level. Are they going to break through? Incredible! They all have teleportation portals linking them to the power of the Halls of Heaven.”

Jadefall, Yang Qi’s other brethren, the Dragonfolk patriarchs, the Second and Third Devil Generals, and everyone else in their group exchanged stunned glances.

They could only watch as the sage monarch magistrates grew stronger, slowly reaching the power level of nine hundred million. If they broke through, there would be no question that they were the most elite type of thrall in all heaven and earth. Although their numbers were particularly impressive, they only had a few million, but that still represented an immense level of power.

Thirty-five million.

Forty million.

Fifty million.

In the blink of an eye, the sage monarch magistrates had proliferated to the level of fifty million! Because of the rapid increase, everyone knew that Yang Qi had come across some sort of amazingly good fortune.

Of course, it hadn’t come from any magical treasure or treasure trove, but rather a deep and profound enlightenment.

That was the best type of cultivation, which, when coupled with destiny, was unmatchable. To reach the Annulled level, one had to break through the bounds of one’s own soul and spirit.


Heaven and earth trembled violently.

Yang Qi’s cultivation and thinking had both reached perfect states. He had a psychic scale and godhood rating of sixty billion, which ensured that dramatic transformations were taking place within him. His black hair seemed to fuse with the void around him, and his feet connected firmly to the ground.

Soon, the fluctuations died down and the moment had passed.

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

Again, Yang Qi stared down at the god world, as if committing everything he was seeing to memory, creating a map of the place that existed in his mind.

Despite being in the Halls of Heaven, he still couldn’t tell exactly how large the place was. It was like looking at an iceberg floating in the ocean; how could anyone tell what exactly lay beneath the surface?

But the tip of the iceberg that he could see was still more than enough to understand the circumstances of the god world much better than before.

One thing was certain: if one wanted to leave the god world, it would essentially be impossible, no matter which direction they chose to travel.

If he could leave the god world, he could search for the Ancient Road to the Gods and the vanished impure lands. And if he could do that, he would be able to collect all the friends and family he had left behind.

All such people would become key elites in his empire, which would make it even stronger. So he very much wanted to do that, and until it was accomplished, he couldn’t rest at ease. Unfortunately, to date, he still didn’t know how to get from the god world to the Ancient Road to the Gods and the impure lands.

After gazing at the full structure of the god world, he turned and headed deeper into the Halls of Heaven. They were huge, larger than any other unique area Yang Qi had visited. It made sense, considering the Halls of Heaven weren’t truly a part of the god world. However, he could also tell that they were smaller than the god world as a whole.

The Halls of Heaven had been created with immense effort by the Sovereign Lord after he had unified the god world. He had used incalculable amounts of resources, and numerous treasures taken out of the ancient primal-chaos, to build it.

The time had come to search for treasures. He was in another world of resplendent palaces and buildings, although he didn’t enter any of them. He restricted his search to places he could see without touching anything.

At one point, he caught sight of a group of pearls inlaid in the walls of a palace, which glowed with a soft, pure light that was devoid of even a speck of darkness and gloom. They were preheaven treasures, born out of big bang explosions in ancient primal-chaos, and they were known as nine-yangs ultraradiance pearls.

Their light could pierce through any haze, and they could be used to create the most powerful out-of-body incarnations, form second nascent divinities, and pierce through the defenses of any enemy.

Yang Qi chose not to take them. Although they were true treasures, they were an integral part of the Halls of Heaven, so taking them would damage the structure of the halls.

He wanted to find some treasure troves that contained stockpiles of treasures.

‘Where would the treasures be hidden here? Most importantly, I need to find another piece of the Mahātmā Jade. Once I get the piece from here, I should be just on the verge of completing my collection. It’s likely that the final piece is in the Central Dynasty with Proud Heaven or Proud Central.’

Yang Qi’s heart thumped a bit.

Closing his eyes, he focused on the energy of the jade, and in his mind, he could see the composite image, except that it was clearly missing two pieces. Furthermore, they were obviously the two most important pieces. With them, the jade would be complete, and he would have the legacy of the ancient True Devil, and could tap into the true power of the dao of devils.

Of course, getting that piece would also boost his psychic scale, most likely to the level of seventy billion.

At that point, getting the final piece would be a lot easier. He might even be able to reach out and summon it to him, regardless of how tightly its current owner had it locked down. But no matter how he did it, he needed to be very careful. Proud Heaven and Proud Central could very well be using it as bait to trap whoever was trying to collect them.

Yang Qi himself had used tactics such as that in the past, so he knew how effective they could be.

Even as he formed the image of the jade in his mind, it suddenly stirred, giving him a direction to travel in.

He nodded, and proceeded forward carefully, using the God Legion Seal to make sure he stayed as safe as possible.

1. This is a twist on the common expression not knowing the true shape of Mount Lushan because of being on the mountain itself, which was used in chapter 961.

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