Chapter 1507: Everlasting Aegis

Yang Qi had finally fulfilled his long-held goal of completely converting the Myriad Dragons Lair into a minor god world. Then he had converted that minor god world into his Everlasting Aegis. It covered his empire and all the lands therein, and if danger arose, it could whisk them away, causing it all to disappear without a trace in front of any enemy.

It was essentially the same thing the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart could do.

Henceforth, his empire would be even more stable and safe.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi was constantly drawing on the grand destiny of the Chiliocosm Dynasty and the Invincible Dynasty for his own cultivation. His sage monarch magistrates continued constantly growing stronger, and given some time, they would be able to reproduce yet again.

“This is great,” Yang Susu said as she flew over, accompanied by Jadefall and Yang Qi’s other brethren.

“Yang Qi, you really do have what it takes to found the fourth great empire,” Jadefall said.

Yang Qi’s other friends and family started weighing in as well.

“Exactly. With Yang Primal-Chaos and Dugu Sheji as loyal servants, you’re now just as strong as the House of the Invincible and the Chiliocosm Dynasty. You might as well officially declare the founding of the fourth empire. Spread the word through the god world, and your destiny will become even more impressive.”

“Yeah. If we declare a fourth empire, people from throughout the god world will flock to us, and provide a huge increase in destiny. It’ll be completely different from lurking in the shadows.”

“But if we declare the founding of the fourth dynasty, won’t the other empires attack us? Then what do we do?”

Yang Qi waved his hand to interrupt the talk. “For now, we can’t make any announcements about a fourth empire. In a moment, I'll head into the depths of the Halls of Heaven to look for resources. Once all of you are on the level of the ancient God-Lords, we can make the announcement. As for Yang Primal-Chaos and Dugu Sheji, they need to return home for the time being.”


“They work for us now, and they make us vastly stronger. What happens if Proud Heaven or Yang Voidprime come to cause trouble? We won’t be able to stop them.”

“First of all, if we openly steal the subordinates of the Chiliocosm Dynasty and the Invincible Dynasty, they couldn't possibly stand the loss of face, and would definitely mount a full-scale attack. And that isn't something we could defend against. Second, if they publicly defect, then their superiors in their respective dynasties would definitely end up being sacked, and that would interfere with the destiny we have access to now. That’s why our current focus should be on stockpiling as many resources as possible.

“With the Everlasting Aegis completed, the current focus needs to be on taking advantage of all the preheaven treasures that were created. Use them to expand our own destiny and produce more sage monarch magistrates. Unite everything we've gained up to this point. Once I'm back from the Halls of Heaven, we can definitely tap into the true history and potential of the god world.”

“The Halls of Heaven are a very dangerous place,” Jadefall said. “Do you want to take the purrling along with you?”

“That won’t be necessary. The purrling is our most precious asset, and although the Everlasting Aegis is impressive, if a truly almighty entity came along, it might not be able to stand firm. Considering we openly exist in the god world, it's obvious we have to do business to stay afloat, and that means it’ll be impossible to prevent almighty beings from coming into our territory. The key is making sure they don’t harm our destiny. And if any of them turn hostile, we’ll have to rely on the help of the purrling. Proud Heaven and Yang Voidprime will find a big surprise waiting for them if they try anything funny. Although, I'm fairly certain Proud Heaven already knows about the purrling. For now, focus on expanding and subjugating as many people as possible to bolster our forces.”

“There are some races that have come here to join us,” Jadefall said. “Unfortunately, we suspect many of them of being spies, or at least, up to no good. How should we handle them?”

“Don’t worry about them. We now have more than thirty million sage monarch magistrates, and their combined power surpasses the God-Lords of old. Anyone who comes to cause mischief will be dealt with quickly. Furthermore, my travels in the Halls of Heaven will definitely result in major benefits. And as my life force improves, the sage monarch magistrates will grow in number. By the way, Jadefall, if you ever notice the sage monarch magistrates suddenly ceasing their reproduction, or if you see their aura unexpectedly decline, open a portal to me immediately, and send the purrling to help me.”

Yang Qi was planning for all possibilities.

“Alright...” his friends and family said, nodding in agreement. There were many tasks at hand. For one thing, although they were all peak Paramount Gods, that didn’t mean they had cultivation bases like the God-Lords of old. That would require more time spent in cultivation. After all, they weren’t Yang Qi, who could tap into the national destiny.

Yang Qi was the emperor of his empire, which meant that he was the only one who could improve his cultivation with its destiny. And of course, he was fully focused on using the destiny to make more sage monarch magistrates.

Whoosh. Whoosh...!

After giving some orders, his newly subjugated marshals returned to their respective dynasties. Although they hadn’t completed their mission, and would thus be punished, they were all important enough that such matters would quickly be smoothed over. Marshals were just too important, and were always being targeted for recruitment by the various interest groups. Now, Yang Qi had some very powerful agents in place in the other dynasties who could use their influence to start persuading powerful government officials to look kindly on the Sage Monarch Empire.

And of course, both Yang Primal-Chaos and Dugu Sheji were vitally important figures. Other than the top patriarchs of the two dynasties, nobody could do a thing to them. Obviously, they were going to be of immense help to Yang Qi, and he wasn’t going to reveal the fact that they were working for him.

Furthermore, with the two armies essentially under his control, it would be much easier to secure new resources, going forward.

Thus, the destiny only continued to improve.

With all his preparations made, Yang Qi headed to the spot in the Bastille of the One God that was directly beneath the Halls of Heaven, where the sky still glittered with a host of stars. Although he had destroyed several hundreds of thousands of them, it was still only a fraction of the total amount. As a result, dazzling starlight still bathed the area.

Normally speaking, even the most elite expert wouldn’t even consider approaching the Halls of Heaven, much less try exploring their depths.

But Yang Qi had the God Legion Seal, which he could use to suppress the tempests that surrounded it. And his Tribulation Wings were a continuation of the Angel Wings, which made it easy for him to flit back and forth between the passageways that separated reality from illusion. In other words, he could easily travel to places where ordinary experts just couldn't go.

Despite that, it still took him several hours of flying to reach the outskirts of the actual Halls of Heaven. It resembled an enormous ship, so big that nothing like it had ever existed.

Tapping into the God Legion Seal, he landed on the deck of the ship, and could instantly sense how different it was from anything else he had ever seen before. It appeared to be completely made of crystal, using some sort of unheard-of technique. And each step he took on its surface caused a sonorous thrum to echo out, like that of a saber or sword being unsheathed.

It was like each step caused a host of top experts to draw their weapons and prepare to attack.

Thankfully, he had the God Legion Seal, otherwise he would already be bleeding out of his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

‘What an incredible view!’

Looking down, he could see the Bastille of the One God in its entirety, as well as numerous other locations in the god world. It was like he was standing at the peak of the entire god world.

The reality was that the god world wasn’t a place where the higher you flew into the sky, the further you could see. It was entirely possible to fly higher and higher, only to end up in a lower position.

The god world was neither a planet nor a continent. It contained numerous universal structures and shapes, and didn’t have a true high point or center.

The truth was that Yang Qi’s position in the Halls of Heaven was like a convergence of numerous universal coordinates. And from there, he could see the Sage Monarch Empire, its destiny burning like a torch.

He could also see the Central Dynasty, whose destiny was like a pure white flame that had tendrils spread out through the entire god world, as if it was trying to completely envelop it.

Yang Qi could also see the Chiliocosm Dynasty and the Invincible Dynasty in their entirety.

The god world had numerous empires and races, such that even the most powerful old-timers had never been given a glimpse of what it truly looked like. Yang Qi felt like a frog that had been sitting in the well looking at the sky, only to suddenly fly up and look back down.

At that moment, he suddenly felt even more connected to the god world, and also sensed that he was brushing closer to the Annulled level.

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