Chapter 1506: Bad Luck for the Leaders

Yang Primal-Chaos was a brutal and ruthless fighter.

He would never surrender, and he pulsed with a fiercely baleful energy. He controlled the army of the Chiliocosm Dynasty, and had countless years of experience. Not only that, his cultivation base was domineering to the extreme.

Not even the God-Lords of ancient times had been as strong as him.

When he swept his hand out, backed by his psychic scale of over fifty billion, numerous experts were sent flying.

Inhabitants of nearby minor god worlds were also injured by the shockwaves, and in fact, had they been on the outside, they would have been wiped out of existence.

“Come forth!” Yang Qi bellowed.


All of a sudden, a host of experts appeared out of nowhere, a full hundred of them, all of them experts from the Invincible Dynasty. They were the additional marshals Yang Qi had subjugated, and in this critical moment, they would prove to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Instantly, those hundred experts formed another version of the Purification Thorn, which then shot toward Yang Primal-Chaos.

“What’s going on here?” Yang Primal-Chaos blurted. “You people are from the Invincible Dynasty! Don’t tell me this has all been some sort of trap. Impossible! This is just going to lead to ruin for all of us! What’s happening, Dugu Sheji?”

Unfortunately, Dugu Sheji was also in a very tricky situation.

“Brother Primal-Chaos, we've been tricked. I don’t see how we can get out of this situation. Who is this person anyway?”

“Enough jibber-jabber,” Yang Qi growled impatiently. “Be subjugated!”

Despite how much effort he was putting forth, he still couldn't forcibly subjugate Dugu Sheji.

“Sage monarch magistrates!”

At this point, he finally drew on his sage monarch magistrates. He now had fifteen million of them, and they acted in perfect coordination with his will to launch attacks on Dugu Sheji.


The dam finally burst, and Dugu Sheji collapsed. In the blink of an eye, a golden throne rose up in the God Legion Seal. This was the largest throne so far, even larger than those thrones in the seal from the ancient legion of gods.

That said, the Lord of the Sword Dao had a superior cultivation base. It was just that Yang Qi didn’t have his golden throne; after he had died long ago, his throne vanished. There were other almighty beings of the past who had used the release of death to escape the binds of the God Legion Seal, as well.

However, those were matters to worry about later. Now that Yang Qi had subjugated Dugu Sheji, he instantly experienced a deep transformation.

Dugu Sheji was a powerful generalissimo with a psychic scale of sixty billion, who commanded a huge force of troops. Even Dugu Yunkong had to support him, and if he refused, would have suffered greatly because of it. Obviously, his destiny was completely shocking.

Upon subjugating him, Yang Qi immediately felt as though the energy of war from the Invincible Dynasty was gathering within him.

“This is my opportunity. Dugu Sheji, crush Yang Primal-Chaos!”

With a roar, Dugu Sheji lunged forward and smashed his palm into Yang Primal-Chaos, sending him staggering backward. At the same time, Yang Qi’s other subordinates launched attacks, causing Yang Primal-Chaos to be overwhelmed with energy.

There were just too many people for him to deal with. Over two hundred experts had formed two Purification Thorns. Plus there was Dugu Sheji and all of Yang Qi’s other people, as well as the raw power of the Myriad Dragons Lair. Probably the only person who could avoid being crushed by such power was Proud Heaven himself.

There was no suspense as to how things would turn out.

Yang Primal-Chaos was vanquished, sucked into Yang Primal-Chaos, and subjugated. Instantly, even more immense destiny was flowing into Yang Qi.

Yang Qi threw his head back and howled as winds whipped around him.


Power that had been locked inside of him was released. His life force flourished as his cultivation base rose to the level of fifty billion.

In just a few short hours, his cultivation base had risen by nearly ten billion. He had massive destiny flowing into him from the other two dynasties, and the God Legion Seal glittered with intense golden light. All of a sudden, that golden light shot into the Halls of Heaven, causing starlight to shine dazzlingly. Suddenly, one of the heavenly bodies exploded, and the pieces fell down into the Myriad Dragons Lair, causing explosions left and right.

Yang Qi wanted to take advantage of the moment to fully convert the Myriad Dragons Lair into a minor god world.

Given the previous level of his cultivation base, this effort would normally have taken a thousand years to come to fruition. But he was many times stronger than before. Plus, he had nearly three hundred God-Lords, as well as the leaders of two entire armies. With all of that power to catalyze the God Legion Seal, he was able to do, in a very short period, what would normally have taken a thousand years to do.

With the Myriad Dragons Lair as a minor god world, it would be far superior to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and would be something he could rely on to stay safe if the other three dynasties attacked him.

Let the stars fall....” Rumbling sounds echoed out as more stars from the Halls of Heaven exploded and fell down.

The stars that filled the sky of the Halls of Heaven were actually heaven caliber godstones, which were comparable to perfect caliber godstones. In other words, they were so incredible that even one of them the size of a fingernail would be considered literally priceless.

As the stars continued to explode and fall into the Myriad Dragons Lair, primal-chaos paleo-energy erupted everywhere.

It was an incomparable act of creation.

Not even King Immortal-Slayer could have done something like this. Only Yang Qi was able to, thanks to the immense power of the Halls of Heaven, and the legacy he had inherited from the Sovereign Lord.

As millions of stars exploded and the lair transformed, Yang Qi led his experts in reciting an enchantment that caused numerous preheaven treasures to form.

The destiny of empires was being used to create a true minor god world, and that minor god world was improving the destiny of his empire.

As the process went on, the destiny of his combined empire grew to incredible levels.

As for his sage monarch magistrates, their numbers jumped to twenty million, then thirty million.


Yang Qi was benefiting immensely.

Eventually, a hundred thousand stars fell into the Myriad Dragons Lair, at which point the dragon energy was completely replaced by preheaven primal-chaos paleo-energy. And in that moment, a new god world was created. A minor god world.

It rotated slowly, a crystal ball hovering in the void, pulsing with immense power.

“Henceforth, it will be called the Everlasting Aegis.” Upon naming the minor god world, he sent his divine will into it, causing calm to fill it.

Then, the sage monarch magistrates set to work.

As they labored, the Everlasting Aegis became filled with the lands, life force, vital energy, and people of the two empires that formed the basis of it.

Yang Qi now had a safe place for his empire, a place that not even Proud Heaven could easily enter.

In the moment that the Everlasting Aegis was completed, Yang Qi’s cultivation base advanced again, and his psychic scale and godhood rating increased from fifty to fifty-five billion.

His next goal was going to be reaching sixty billion.

That said, even just fifty-five billion was still an incredibly domineering level. And with the power of his minor god world as well, he was no longer someone the other three dynasties could take lightly.

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