Chapter 1505: Making a Fool of Yourself in Trying to be Clever

‘So, my ruse was effective. Yang Voidprime is completely focused on Proud Heaven, which means I'm now free to act more openly here.’ Yang Qi knew he had struck it lucky.

Without Yang Voidprime to worry about, he could subjugate Yang Primal-Chaos and Dugu Sheji without having to worry about being careful.

They obviously had no idea that the hundred marshals they had personally trained were now working for Yang Qi.

“Alright, let's get going!”

The two experts led the marshals out of the House of the Invincible on their mission to strike at the heart of the Spritefolk.

They moved with incredible speed, such that they arrived at the Spritefolk Empire the next day. Normally speaking, it would take a Paramount God ten years to make that trip. But these people were all consummate experts that were like the God-Lords of old. From the void, they looked at the empire and the temple at its core, which was abuzz with activity.

“Incredible. All of you, look...” Dugu Sheji said. “How could the Spritefolk Empire have grown such incredible destiny? This is impossible. Completely and utterly impossible.”

Yang Primal-Chaos looked at the enormous temple that formed the core of the empire and saw spritetrees growing up everywhere, forming impenetrable defenses that allowed for the inhabitants to safely work on business, cultivation, and general growth.

Apparently, the Spritefolk weren’t as xenophobic as they used to be, as there were now other races of people living with them in harmony.

As a result, their destiny was stronger than ever.

Upon inspecting the destiny, the two generalissimos found that the Spritefolk had created a world of their own. It also pulsed with the aura of dragons, because they were now working together with the Myriad Dragons Lair. Furthermore, there were even Dragonfolk and Spritefolk getting married and having children, creating a new generation unlike anything that had ever come before.

The combination was one of pure harmony.

And the destiny created an exterior shell that was like impenetrable armor. Without it, how could this place really be considered a fourth dynasty?

The more Yang Primal-Chaos and Dugu Sheji studied the situation, the more unsightly their expressions grew. The destiny was completely shocking both in quantity and in quality.

“Incredible. Completely incredible. Who did this? It wasn’t Proud Heaven. He’s strong, but he doesn’t excel at the governing of nations. If he was, the Central Dynasty would already be completely dominant, and our dynasties wouldn’t be around anymore.”

“Don’t tell me that Sprite Susu actually did all of this,” Yang Primal-Chaos said. “If so, she’s far more incredible than we realized. If we could get her secrets of governing nations, then our two dynasties would get destiny that the Central Dynasty couldn’t possibly compare to. Did you notice that the destiny has actually increased even in just the time we spent talking? It’s like it's endless! Once the Dragonfolk and Spritefolk become fully integrated, it really will become a fourth dynasty.”

“It’s possible that could happen. This kind of destiny increase is simply terrifying. It’s a good thing we found out about this early on, otherwise, if too much time passed.... In any case, we simply can’t allow the Spritefolk to do this. Come on, let's determine where Sprite Susu is.”

“Okay, I’ll do the calculations. Thankfully, I have a geomantic compass that’s locked on to her. It's an ancient magical treasure that the Lord of Civilization used to model his heavenly workings calculation systems on.” He pulled out his geomantic compass and set to work.

Buzzz... Buzzz...

The compass flashed and pulsed as the workings of heaven stirred, and Yang Primal-Chaos poured power into it.

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep.]

The compass suddenly flashed brightly, indicating it had determined Sprite Susu’s position.

“Alright everyone,” Dugu Sheji said, “get in formation and launch the attack. Pierce through the destiny and drag Sprite Susu out!”


The hundred marshals leaped into action, and their combined aura was so powerful that it was impossible to detect, almost as if it was in the Annulled level.

The incredibly sharp Purification Thorn formed, and it was so powerful that even Dugu Sheji was surprised by the sight of it.

“Attack!” he growled.

The Purification Thorn suddenly started moving toward the Spritefolk Empire, with Dugu Sheji following it with divine will.

But then, something very unexpected happened.

The thorn suddenly appeared right in front of Dugu Sheji, piercing through his defenses before he could react, and stabbing him directly in the forehead.


He suddenly went completely stiff as a primal-chaos elder-snake appeared, gobbling up him, and everything around him.

Yang Primal-Chaos had been focusing on his calculations, so he was also swallowed up.

Almost immediately, cracks spread out over the surface of the snake, as though it might explode. But then it vanished, having teleported into the Myriad Dragons Lair.

Once inside, the Dragonfolk patriarchs appeared, along with the Second and Third Devil Generals and the top Spritefolk experts.

This was exactly as Yang Qi had planned it.

The snake exploded, and Yang Primal-Chaos tumbled out, his psychic scale of fifty billion roaring with power. “Who the fuck are you! How dare you trifle with me!”

“Welcome to the Myriad Dragons Lair,” Yang Qi replied, having returned to his normal form. Dugu Sheji still had the Purification Thorn stabbed into his forehead, but he was glittering with a bright light that seemed to indicate he hadn’t been subjugated.

However, Yang Qi drew deeply on his destiny to crush the man with incredible pressure.

At the same time, the Dragonfolk and Spritefolk patriarchs, as well as the Second and Third Devil Generals, were in formation dealing with Yang Primal-Chaos.

“It's really true that each new generation will produce talented individuals,” the Second Devil General said. “You youngsters nowadays are always reaching new heights.” The Second Devil General used to be the top subordinate of the True Devil, but even at his prime, he couldn’t have matched up to Yang Primal-Chaos and Dugu Sheji.

Of course, that was because the True Devil had never founded an empire and harvested destiny.

In the ancient past, God-Lords with psychic scales of a hundred billion were very rare. Of course, back in those times, half Annulled experts had existed, whereas now they didn’t.

When comparing ancient times to modern, it was a fact that the average level of the top experts was higher.

As for what it all meant, not even Yang Qi was sure.

Regardless, he was now focused on subjugating Dugu Sheji.

Yang Qi drew deeply on the God Legion Seal, as well as the mighty destiny of the Dragonfolk and Spritefolk.

Yang Qi had a psychic scale of forty billion, while Dugu Sheji’s was at sixty billion. If it weren’t for the sneak attack with the Purification Thorn, Yang Qi never would have been able to fight him like this. And outside of his own lands, not even the Purification Thorn would have given him the upper hand.

“You chickens and dogs! I'm a generalissimo from the Chiliocosm Dynasty! You can’t fight me. Even if you had more people on your side, you’d still die!”


Yang Primal-Chaos unleashed an enormous attack that caused a huge hand to rumble out, violently shaking the nearby minor god worlds.


The Second Devil General was too slow to defend himself, and was sent flying backward, nearly losing consciousness in the process. Climbing angrily to his feet, he said, “I'm the Second Devil General, subordinate of the True Devil. I'm the most powerful devil there is! How dare you insult me!”

“Second Devil General? Devil king in ancient times?” Yang Primal-Chaos looked surprised, but then he just laughed. “You old bastard. I can’t believe how weak you are. You have no idea what the times are like now. I’ll show you what true power is. You're about to be ended, understand?”

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