Chapter 1499: A String of Subjugations

It was a rather small meeting, and there wasn’t even anyone present with a psychic scale of ten billion.

The tens of thousands of people present were all viceroys with ten lands or more, but to Yang Qi, they were like nothing. After all, in the Invincible Dynasty, viceroys numbered like the eternal sands.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Duke Nine Cauldrons said loudly, “a major event is playing out. We leaders are currently considering how to wage war on the Spritefolk. All of you need to put pressure on the lands you control to produce as many resources as possible. Once the war starts, you’ll need to provide steady contributions. As you all know, our Invincible Dynasty is lax during times of peace, but when war comes, we strike like lightning and crush the enemy! We’re going to raze the Spritefolk Empire to the ground! Hmph! It’s unbelievable that their vile princess fled the agreed-upon marriage, insulting the dignity of the Invincible Dynasty. We simply won’t tolerate such behavior!”

Yang Qi didn’t say anything, but his gaze turned very sharp.

All of a sudden, a golden tempest sprang up, and everyone felt like they were suffocating down to their souls, or being devoured by a horde of godlings. Moments later, all of the viceroys were subjugated, as was Duke Nine Cauldrons. Everyone swayed dizzily as if drunk.

“You're all dismissed, immediately,” Yang Qi said via thought projection. In response, the viceroys all left in a daze.

Going forward, they would secretly prepare to gather all of their resources and defect to the Sage Monarch Empire at a moment’s notice.

The dukes were given similar orders, and they left.

Ever since Yang Qi took the Cruiser of Civilization as his own brain, it was possible for him to monitor the thoughts of the countless individuals he subjugated, without the risk of missing any important thoughts.

Soon, only Duke Nine Cauldrons was left behind.

Walking forward, Yang Qi coolly said, “Take me to see your direct superior. I want to snag all of the grand exarchs from the confucian faction. The true ruler of the House of the Invincible has a psychic scale of ten billion. You people are just the middle management.”

“You... I can’t believe you're behind all of this,” Duke Nine Cauldrons said bitterly. Of course, he had been subjugated, so he couldn’t do anything to fight back. “You founded the Spritefolk Empire and the Dragonfolk Empire?”

“That’s right, Duke Nine Cauldrons.” Having subjugated such a large group of people, Yang Qi could sense destiny from the House of the Invincible converging on him. Smiling, he continued, “I'm going to continue subjugating people just as I did here. I’ll even get to the higher echelons of leaders as well. Eventually, the House of the Invincible will be mine. I'm going to do something the likes of which has never been done in the god world before.”

Heart pounding, Duke Nine Cauldrons said, “I... I can’t commit a sin like this! I’ll be condemned by the Invincible Dynasty!”

“Hmph! Cut the crap!”

Duke Nine Cauldrons’ thoughts were under Yang Qi’s control, so he bowed at the waist, “Of course, Milord. I’ll take you to see my direct superior. I report to Dugu Ruxia, who has a psychic scale of fifteen billion. I understand your plan, Milord. You’ll subjugate everyone you can, then use them to learn the secrets of the top leaders.”

“Lead the way.” Yang Qi waved his hand dismissively, indicating that Duke Nine Cauldrons should lead the way.

Soon, they were in an area filled with towering bookshelves, which were packed with books and scrolls of all types. They contained all sorts of knowledge and profound information about the virtues taught by the confucians. Yang Qi didn’t need to read them; with a mere scan of thought, he could gain plenty of information from them.

They passed through several worlds of bookshelves, until they were in a place where the bookshelves stretched up into the clouds, and emanated an aura that seemed packed with destiny, and a sensation of strength that seemed impossible to conquer.

Yang Qi was shocked as he realized how powerful the confucian experts were. They sustained the righteous energy of heaven and earth, would defy threats and violence, espouse justice, die for a good cause, and sacrifice themselves for their principles.

However, this Dugu Ruxia only had a cultivation base of fifteen billion, while Yang Qi’s was over thirty billion, so crushing him would be simple. Furthermore, after subjugating so many people earlier, Yang Qi had a lot of the destiny of the House of the Invincible on him, giving him even greater influence over the net of law.

With the Spritefolk empire backing him, he no longer feared anything. If he encountered a difficult situation, he could just use the God Legion Seal to reach out to the halls of heaven. If he did that here, the House of the Invincible would face a major disaster.

Every time his cultivation base rose, more profundities of the God Legion Seal would be unlocked.

And he was convinced that if he fully drew on them, he could definitely scour the treasure troves in the halls of heaven.

“We're here,” Duke Nine Cauldrons said, stopping in front of a towering bookcase. “It is I, Duke Nine Cauldrons, here to request an audience with the exalted Dugu Ruxia. A subordinate viceroy of mine has brought information about the Spritefolk. I'm sure you’ll find the news shocking, so I brought him here to deliver the details in person.”

“Oh?” someone said in a surprised voice. A gravitational force sprang up and sucked them into the bookcase. Looking around, Yang Qi saw himself surrounded by book scrolls, and looking up, he saw a world of books. Some of those books pulsed with the aura of the Sovereign Lord, indicating that he had been the one to pen them.

Standing in the middle of it all was a confucian reading from a scroll of bamboo slips. As he looked up, a righteous, noble aura settled over Duke Nine Cauldrons and Yang Qi.

“This is the viceroy? Oh, you're the one with the good record of service that the Palace of Destiny is after. How exactly did you resist their advances?”

“It was really a fluke, oh exalted one. And it was also by chance that I learned that the Spritefolk are working with the Dragonfolk. They’ve created a massive empire, and the one pulling the strings from the shadows is Proud Heaven from the Central Dynasty.”

Dugu Ruxia turned and looked at Yang Qi with glittering eyes. “That's it? I knew all of that already, so why exactly did you come here? What’s going on here, Duke Nine Cauldrons? Did you really interrupt my important work for something so trivial?”

“I wouldn’t dare!” Duke Nine Cauldrons said, trembling like a cicada in winter.

“Tell me how you manage your lands so well. What's your secret? Why is the destiny so pure? Also, what type of thrall is it that you got from the Bastille of the One God? How come they’re so skilled at governing nations? We confucians specialize in such matters, and know full well how destiny can provide immense benefits to cultivation. Explain your secrets, and if I'm impressed, I’ll reward you greatly.”

“Yes sir!” Yang Qi said, bowing at the waist. “The truth is that they’re not thralls. They're actually ancient souls that I discovered in a magical treasure in the Bastille of the One God. I can show it to you, as long as you don't laugh at the simplicity of it all.”

With that, he pulled out a treasure that glowed with golden light.

“What? What kind of treasure is that?” Eyes glittering with more intensity, Dugu Ruxia said, “Hand it over!” As Yang Qi extended his hand, golden light suddenly shot out, piercing right toward his head.

He immediately realized what was happening. “How dare you plot against me!”


Yang Qi opened his mouth, and instantly, the numerous minor worlds around him were sucked inside as he became an embodiment of King Heaven-Devourer.

However, Dugu Ruxia was more impressive than Yang Qi had anticipated, and he fought back so strongly it seemed like he might break free.

‘Incredible. It’s almost like being in the House of the Invincible really does make him invincible. Even cut off from the destiny, he's still fighting? Confucians really deal with destiny differently. Their whole life and cultivation is about the governing of nations. They're so strong!’ Thankfully, he had planned for a possibility like this.

Many Heavens God Seal! Crushing Power!

He exhaled, and a huge sealing mark appeared, like the jade seal of an emperor.

“Who exactly are you? That’s the Many Heavens God Seal!” Dugu Ruxia struggled, causing white steam to rise up from him.

But only a moment later, he was whisked into the Myriad Dragons Lair.

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