Chapter 1497: The Lurking Oriole

Yang Qi had been waiting for Sprite Totem to launch an unexpected attack. The man was treacherous to the core, and was also the type who would bet everything on a desperate move. Sadly for him, he had fallen for Yang Qi’s ruse.

After having fully assimilated King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans, he had essentially turned into King Heaven-Devourer.

When he went all out, he was about a third as strong as King Heaven-Devourer himself, and when you added in the golden blood of the King of Godmammoths, he could reach even greater heights. And that wasn’t to mention that he had taken the actual head of King Heaven-Devourer. All of it made him like a snake guarding a tree stump, just waiting for rabbits to snatch up.

If he had taken the initiative to attack, his opponent would have fought back bitterly, and the shockwaves would have caused chaos and destruction that went outside of the borders of the kingdom they were in. But now, his opponent flew straight into King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans, and was devoured by Yang Qi.

Not pausing for a moment, Yang Qi unfurled his Tribulation Wings and flitted away.

Shortly thereafter, he was in the Myriad Dragons Lair.


Opening his mouth wide, he spat out Sprite Totem. Before the man could even get his bearings, Yang Qi clamped his hand onto his head and unleashed the power of the God Legion Seal, wresting control of his thoughts and soul. It only took a moment to subjugate him, and then he dropped to his knees.


Not bothering with long-winded explanations, Yang Qi then returned him to his palace, where he could control him from behind the throne like a marionette.

Sprite Totem immediately started summoning his top officials.

Yang Qi was so familiar with this process that his skill had reached the point of perfection. It was exactly how he had taken over the Myriad Dragons Lair.

Furthermore, Sprite Totem was an emperor who commanded immense respect and authority. His underlings were much easier to issue commands to, unlike the Dragonfolk, in which countless generals would always squabble endlessly.

Sprite Totem was the type of ruler who would punish insubordination with execution.

He summoned all of the senior officers from the armed forces, and before they knew what was happening, they found themselves sucked into a spell formation and sent to the Myriad Dragons Lair. The subjugation process went quickly, and they were back in little more than an hour.

After the military was under control, the members of the officialdom were summoned and subjugated. It was a snowball effect that ended only about six hours later, with tens of thousands of members of the leadership all subjugated. Before anyone knew what had occurred, there was a new leader.

The underlings were kept in the dark, including the ordinary soldiers in the army and the low-level administrators. None of them knew that a major transformation had occurred, and that their actual leader was now someone named Yang Qi.

Next, Yang Qi distributed the resources that Proud Heaven had given, including all sorts of medicinal pills, magical treasures, preheaven medicines, ores, and even godnotes. It was a collection that would definitely fuel immense growth in his empire.

Although all the top leaders were now puppets under Yang Qi’s control, their administrative capabilities had already increased by many times over. After all, leadership ability didn't really have anything to do with cultivation base.

The empire was experiencing a major revolution.

Normally speaking, there would be competing interest groups that took part in a revolution, making things very difficult. It generally wasn’t easy to just depose an emperor without throwing the entire empire into chaos. But Yang Qi had perfect control of the leadership, and was thus able to iron out all such problems.

The interest groups collapsed, and the power of the government increased. Even the common people could sense the dramatic transformations to the destiny that occurred in the following days. Corrupt officials were being removed, and the national storehouses were being tidied up, with resources being allocated to the proper places.

One of the worst things that could happen to an empire would be for its resources to be wasted, with riches molding away in storage instead of being used to groom talent.

Now, a storm was rocking the empire as Yang Qi ensured that all of the resources were brought and distributed perfectly.

It took almost no time at all for the entire empire to be thrumming with vitality.

Within a few short days, the destiny improved tenfold, and the net of law became vastly sturdier and more effective.

Revolution had swept the empire from top to bottom, and everything was different.

No one could top Yang Qi in terms of ability to run governments. After all, his ability came from the combined experiences of countless civilizations throughout history, including all of the innumerable revolutions that had occurred. Any government he ran would experience a massive boost in destiny.

Within a matter of days, the other major empires of the Spritefolk had taken notice of what was happening, and they were shocked.

Of course, they had no idea what had occurred. They just knew that in a matter of a few days, the Totem Empire had experienced a dramatic transformation. Most of them assumed that the Totem Empire had secretly acquired the support of one of the major sects.

And immediately, they all started considering ways to get a share of the action.

As it turned out, that was when Emperor Sprite Totem sent out invitations to the major empires of the Spritefolk, saying that he had benefited from a huge influx of resources, and that he wanted to discuss forming an alliance.

Without hesitation, the other emperors accepted the invitation. As soon as the meeting started, and before anyone could even give any suggestions about how to divvy up the destiny and resources, Yang Qi made his move.

He acted with incredible speed, so despite the fact that all of the emperors were experts with psychic scales of over ten billion, with immense destiny at their command, they were still virtually powerless.

In the blink of an eye, he subjugated five major Spritefolk emperors, who he then sent back to summon their subordinates to also be subjugated.

It was in this manner that, in roughly ten days, Yang Qi took over five empires, which he made sure were linked via teleportation portal, creating a unified alliance.

Including the Totem Empire, he now had six Spritefolk empires under his complete and utter control.

Of course, the destiny of those six empires was surging to higher heights than ever. No one outside of the empires knew what was happening. However, inside, all of the top officials and important people were working together according to Yang Qi’s instructions.

A month later, all the people in the six empires knew that an official announcement was coming. All of the Spritefolk were excited at the prospect of their people becoming the most powerful group in the god world.

On one particular day, Yang Qi watched as the destiny of the six empires converged, creating a pillar of energy that resembled an enormous tree. It was a level of destiny equivalent to roughly a third of that of his dragon kingdom. And these six Spritefolk empires were only a scratch on the surface of what the Spritefolk in general had to offer.

Yang Qi wasn’t even inclined to calculate the precise destiny valuation.

After the process was complete, he called a meeting in which he announced that all the major leaders of the six empires would be taking a trip.

During the month that had passed, Yang Susu had accomplished a lot, and had finished her preparations.

“People of the Spritefolk,” she announced, “we already have six major empires who have sworn loyalty to me and my Grand Sage Monarch Spritefolk Empire. I hereby invite all Spritefolk, regardless of where you are in the god world, to join us! In the future, our people will never be fractured again. We will be united, and follow the will of the Spritely Sage Grail to rise to prominence in the god world!”

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