Chapter 1493: Striking Back

“What, planning a rebellion?” Yang Susu didn’t have much power and authority among the Spritefolk, but now that Yang Qi was there, she wasn't afraid of anything. She chuckled coldly as an enormous vortex opened up behind her, and more than thirty figures appeared, all of them pulsing with immense power.

Twenty-eight of them were the top patriarchs of the Dragonfolk. The Second and Third Devil Generals were there, as was Yang Jian from the House of the Chiliocosm. These people all had psychic scales and godhood ratings of ten billion!

Yang Qi was also there, sitting upon an emperor’s dragon bed and being carried by a handful of the Dragonfolk patriarchs. [1]

“Who’s causing a scene here?” the Third Devil General growled, her voice so cold and sinister that everyone was struck speechless. Of course, they could tell that she had a very profound cultivation base, and was obviously some sort of important old-timer.

“What? Paragon-King Sage Dragon?!” Sprite Tushan didn't recognize the Third Devil General, but he did recognize the white-robed Paragon-King Sage Dragon. “What are you doing here? What’s going on?”

Paragon-King Sage Dragon snorted coldly. “Sprite Tushan, you old bastard. Maybe Sprite Tuba deserves to consider himself my equal. But you? How dare you talk to me like that. Are you feeling suicidal? The exalted Yang Susu has been appointed the senior princess of our Sage Monarch Empire. And you just threatened her. Are you actually asking us Dragonfolk to kill you?”

“Senior princess? What are you talking about? What’s happening here?”

Everyone was shocked, and no one dared to take any action. These people were all top experts from the Spritefolk, and they were experienced and knowledgeable down to the last one. They could see that there were over thirty Dragonfolk old-timers here, and the aura they emanated was enough to chill anyone down to their souls. No one wanted to do the wrong thing and cause a fight to break out.

“Third Devil General, ma’am, can you please explain?” Paragon-King Sage Dragon said.

“Okay,” the Third Devil General said with a nod.

However, when Sprite Tushan heard the name, he blurted, “Third Devil General?! The patriarch of the devil-dragons that was sealed by the King of Godmammoths? That Third Devil General? That’s you? How did you get out? You're not dead? I thought your story was just a legend!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to explain,” the Third Devil General said loudly. “We were led here today by our boundless, paragonic, divine, and ultimate leader, His Majesty Yang Qi, who unified us into a magnificent and grand empire. All of the Dragonfolk patriarchs now work for him. As for your Princess Sprite Susu, she was His Majesty Yang Qi’s aunt when they were together in the impure lands. And now he’s appointed her as the senior princess of his Sage Monarch Empire. We’ve come here to purge any rebels from the senior princess’ forces, and the first part of that effort involves establishing the Knights of the God Shrine. You lot here are going to be the first group of knights. Understand? Any who dare to resist will be executed immediately. There is no second option.”

‘His Majesty the Emperor?’

Everyone looked over at Yang Qi sitting on the dragon bed, unmoving, but emanating an immense grandeur. And they couldn’t help but notice the pious expression on the faces of the Dragonfolk patriarchs who held the bed aloft.

‘Who is this person? The Third Devil General works for him?’

The Spritefolk were all wondering what exactly was going on, but none of them dared to do anything yet. In fact, none of them even spoke. They were aware that many Dragonfolk enjoyed consuming human flesh. In fact, there had been some occasions where dragons would devour entire kingdoms of humans.

It was a terrifying thing that was little different from the dao of devils.

The Dragonfolk had never been united, and had always fought amongst themselves. But apparently, some profoundly powerful person had finally brought them under control. And that was a terrifying and dangerous thing. Everyone had already reached the conclusion that a new dynasty had been formed.

When Sprite Tushan, Sprite Gufeng, and Sprite Zhangang realized what was happening, they were shocked. They knew that Sprite Susu had acquired a huge backer, someone so powerful that she could now call off the wedding with Dugu Yunkong. Furthermore, she was now strong enough that she could probably take control of all the Spritefolk.

And if they tried to fight back, they would be ripped to shreds.

Waving his finger, Yang Qi said, “You three, get on your knees and prepare to receive a baptism. The Spritefolk as as disunited as a dish of loose sand, and I’m going to fix that. I'm forming the fourth dynasty in the god world, and you Spritefolk are going to lead the organized religion of my empire.”


Three beams of golden light shot out, becoming like enormous mammoths crushing down toward their heads.

AAAAAIIIIIIIEEEE!” The three experts roared in defiance as they tried to fight back with various consummate abilities. One even tried to simply run away. But the three golden mammoths hit them, forcing them to their knees.

“Pitiful fools. Just accept my baptism.” Golden light flowed from Yang Qi, forcing the three experts to prostrate themselves so low they looked like frogs on the ground. They twitched as if with insanity, until a moment later, they calmed and climbed to their knees. “Milord, we’re here to follow any orders you have. We hereby pledge our lives to the senior princess, and will clear any obstacles presented to her divine authority.”

Turning to the other Spritefolk, they shouted, “The rest of you, get on your knees!”

The rest of the Spritefolk were embarrassed and completely at a loss. But they knew they couldn’t defy the three leaders of the army, therefore, they dropped wordlessly to their knees.

Yang Qi waved his hand, sending out golden light to subjugate all of them.

Yet again, he had won a victory without shedding any blood.

“Teleportation portal! Devour Heaven and Earth!


Yang Qi inhaled deeply, and everyone present saw black as they were sucked inside. A moment later, they were in a minor god world in the Myriad Dragons Lair.

The Myriad Dragons Lair itself was slowly being converted into a minor god world, and was filled with lush mountains and rivers, numerous planes of existence, and thriving life force. Everyone present realized that this was the Sage Monarch Empire, a rising force that couldn’t be stopped.

“Susu,” Yang Qi said, “organize these Knights of the God Shrine however you see fit. Then pick some Dragonfolk experts to add to the ranks. Once you’re ready, go to the Spritefolk kingdoms and start gathering more experts to your side.”


Meanwhile, the larger army remained outside of the Cloud Palace. Taking them along would have attracted the suspicions of the House of the Invincible, so he left them alone for now. With the Spritefolk on Yang Qi’s side, he definitely had a strong enough force to consider himself the fourth dynasty.

Their destiny was roughly on the same level as the Dragonfolk, and the new addition was so immense that it immediately benefited his cultivation base. What level would he reach? Fifty billion? A hundred billion? It was hard to say.

One thing was for certain, he was now in a position to produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another in the god world. In other words, improving his cultivation level was as easy as drinking water.

The Knights of the God Shrine quickly increased their number tenfold. With the twenty-eight dragon patriarchs at their side, they formed ranks and left the Myriad Dragons Lair.

“Yang Qi, I'm going to head to Spritely God-Temple, which is where I connected with the Spritely Sage Grail. After I take control of the temple, I’ll make my announcement and summon all of the important people to a meeting.”

“Doing that will be beating the grass to startle the snake,” Yang Qi said. “Instead, do some selective targeting and subjugate some of the empires. Start with their leaders. Then have your meeting, and you’ll have momentum going into it. Doing it the other way will lead to fighting, which will harm the destiny. Even better, why don’t we split the responsibilities? You to go the Spritely God-Temple to make preparations, while I go and personally handle some of the emperors and other leaders.”

“Alright! Let's do it that way. You start with the Totem Empire, while I head to the temple and take control of all its aspects.”

1. The ‘dragon bed’ (the bed of the emperor of China), could look a number of different ways. Here’s a link to a google search where you can see a variety of them.

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