Chapter 1488: Returning to the House of the Invincible

Having completed his work in the Myriad Dragons Lair, Yang Qi could connect to it no matter where he was. He no longer needed to remain there as his true self. It would continue its transformation into a full minor god world, and his ten million sage monarch magistrates could manage things while he was away.

The flesh and blood that made up the lair would continue crystallizing, uniting it in a way that had never occurred before. And its destiny was constantly increasing.

At the same time, preheaven treasures proliferated without end, providing endless resources for the people of his empire.

Now that the initial period of chaos had passed, things would continue developing naturally without Yang Qi’s direct oversight. And once the process was complete, his cultivation base would increase even more.

There was no way to compare the benefits of destiny to what Yang Qi could accomplish via personal cultivation. It would be like trying to compare a rich businessman’s income from his business to what he could earn by going out and doing manual labor.

Yang Qi became a blur that left the Myriad Dragons Lair and reached the House of the Invincible in virtually no time at all. Although the destiny here was dazzling, it wasn’t as mysterious and enigmatic as it had been in the past. And he was confident that, in future times, the destiny of his own empire would surpass the House of the Invincible. In fact, he would eventually conquer this place.

Right now, his psychic scale and godhood rating were at twenty billion, making him no weaker than any of the old-timers in existence. And that wasn’t to mention all of the treasures he commanded, or the fact that he had acquired the blood of the King of Godmammoths.

He was so strong that even if people with godhood ratings and psychic scales of thirty, forty, or even fifty billion tried to chase him down and kill him, he would probably be able to stand his ground.

And if he called on the aid of his ten million sage monarch magistrates, he would likely be able to kill any expert there was, with the exception of people as strong as the Sovereign Lord, King Immortal-Slayer, and the Demon Master. Right now, the only people he needed to truly fear were those with Unbounded will convergence who were half a step into the Annulled level.

That said, he still needed to act with caution. The three major dynasties all had secret reserve powers that he needed to take into consideration.

However, with the God Legion Seal, he could now start subjugating the leaders of the major powers.

‘I have a few things to start out with. I can find out what Dugu Hong is up to. And I can subjugate Duke Nine Cauldrons and that priestess, Dugu Wanqing.’ Upon entering the House of the Invincible, he headed to his own territory.

I hadn’t actually been very long since he was there, as he hadn’t spent an inordinate amount of time in the Myriad Dragons Lair.

It wasn’t unheard of for viceroys to leave for long periods of time, even thousands of years.

Before long, Dugu Hong appeared and dropped to his knees. “Congratulations, Milord.”

“Oh? What happened?” Yang Qi asked.

“Because of how well you’ve managed your territory, news came down that you’re to be rewarded. Now that you’re back, you need to report in immediately.”

Dugu Hong was Yang Qi’s servant, but he didn't know about what had gone on in the Myriad Dragons Lair. And Yang Qi wasn’t inclined to tell him.

The fewer people who knew his secrets, the less likely that word would accidentally leak. Being able to monitor the thoughts of his subordinates couldn’t prevent slips of the tongue. For now, he needed to play things as safe as possible.

“Fine, take me to see the leaders,” Yang Qi said, smiling.

However, before Dugu Hong could even respond, a whooshing sound could be heard as a group of white-robed destinors appeared just on the border of his lands. “Viceroy of the Land of Dreamvoid, our exalted Priestess Dugu Wanqing has summoned you. Hurry with me to the Palace of Destiny.”

From their bearing, it seemed they were just on the verge of coming in and arresting Yang Qi.

‘What’s this?’ Yang Qi thought, a bit surprised. ‘The Palace of Destiny already knows I'm back? Information must’ve leaked from inside my own palace. Well, it doesn't really matter. It’s like having someone deliver a pillow just when you’re getting ready to take a nap. Who the hell does this priestess think she is, anyway? I could subjugate her with the snap of a finger.’

Because of the incredibly strong destiny in the House of the Invincible, and the strictly enforced rules, it was essentially impossible to fight and kill anyone inside.

Of course, Yang Qi didn’t care about that now, considering how strong he had become. If he wanted to, he could create a void around himself that would cut him off from the local destiny.

As long as he didn't run into anyone with a godhood rating and psychic scale greater than ten billion, he could subjugate anyone he encountered.

People with ratings greater than ten billion could be troublesome to deal with, at least as long as he was actually inside the House of the Invincible. Outside, beyond the net of law, even such people wouldn't be problematic for him.

“The people from the Palace of Destiny are obviously up to no good, Milord,” Dugu Hong said. “You need to figure out a way to get out of this.”

“Don’t worry about it. Also, don't tell my superiors, understand? I’ll handle the situation.” Straightening his clothing, he walked out into the presence of the white-robed destinors. Their leader was a peak Paramount God, and he was glaring at Yang Qi as he walked out. “Come with us immediately, Viceroy. Any unnecessary delays will be severely punished!”

“Oh really?” Yang Qi said languidly. “Since when does the Palace of Destiny have the authority to order around a viceroy like me? If I feel like ignoring this summons, I can ignore it.”

“You!” the peak Paramount God destinor said angrily. “You've got a lot of gall to talk like that. When our priestess summons you, you come. Otherwise you’re just asking to get killed.”

“I never said I wasn't going. Go ahead and lead the way.”

He waved his hand, and an invisible stream of golden light entered the destinor, causing him to shiver as he was subjugated. In fact, the man was just about to drop to his knees when Yang Qi stopped him.

“Let’s go!”

The newly subjugated destinor led the way to the Palace of Destiny.

Yang Qi ignored the other destinors. They were too weak. He was only interested in having peak Paramount Gods with psychic scales of a billion or more.

As for the destiny provided by this newly subjugated peak Paramount God, it was so negligible as to be beneath Yang Qi’s notice. At this point, only subjugating people on the level of Dugu Yunkong would provide any helpful amount of destiny.

In the blink of an eye, they were at the Palace of Destiny.

The destinors led him into an expansive meeting hall, closing the door behind him as he entered. A handful of priestesses were there, sitting on thrones, including Dugu Wanqing. He obviously hadn't forgotten how she had tried recruiting him without offering any substantial benefits.

The other priestesses were obviously lower-ranked than her.

There were other people present who obviously weren’t members of the Palace of Destiny. There were roughly ten of them, men and women who were all peak Paramount Gods. One of the men was attractive, with a fit physique and long, slender fingers. He was also visibly taller than everyone else. He had a psychic scale of more than nine billion, putting him just on the verge of being like the God-Lords of old.

‘He's from the Spritefolk!’

Yang Qi had become familiar with the aura of the Spritefolk during his spritefruit heist. Thanks to the spritefruit, he was also familiar with their life force and genes.

Nowadays, he didn’t focus much on people's aura or physical appearances, as he could assess their genetic substructure. Many things could be faked, but not genes.

“Well, aren’t you an important person, Viceroy!” Dugu Wanqing said sarcastically. “We’ve sent people to summon you on many occasions, yet you were never around. Now that you’re back, do you mind explaining what you’ve been doing this past year that you were away?”

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