Chapter 1487: Psychic Scale of Twenty Billion

With Yang Qi’s thoughts guiding the nation, it expanded dramatically in the half a month that passed. He subjugated all of the top leaders, who then followed his commands to the letter and didn’t dare to try to profit personally from their positions.

For now, Yang Qi needed their influence.

Eventually, everything calmed down.

On one particular day, the Myriad Dragons Lair trembled as the net of law became fully integrated, covering the entire place. As of that moment, the lair was the net, and the net was the lair.

Going forward, no one would ever be able to seize authority in the lair.

Opening his mouth, Yang Qi devoured the Dragon Compendium.

Using the powers of King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans and the golden godmammoth blood that ran through his veins, he broke it down and made it part of his body.

His body was a strange thing now. It was incomparably perfect, beyond the level that words could be used to describe. And in the moment that the net of law became fully integrated into the Myriad Dragons Lair, the destiny of the place flowed into him more mightily than ever, causing him to undergo fundamental transformations.


He shot to his feet, white energy flowing around him as teleportation portals whirred to life, connected directly to the halls of heaven. He exhaled, and primal-chaos paleo-energy flowed out, causing big bang explosions to occur that made minor god worlds pop up with even greater frequency.


King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans flew out, forming a primal-chaos elder-snake that sucked in countless streams of primal-chaos paleo-energy. Then, shockingly, the snake started to change. Its body remained that of a snake, but its head changed into that of a human with Yang Qi’s face.

It indicated that Yang Qi had truly transformed. He was King Heaven-Devourer, and King Heaven-Devourer was him. The legacy talismans were now an integral part of him.

And his cultivation base was rising.

Once the net of law integrated with the essence of the lair, everything settled down. The flowing destiny led to an ever greater sense of order, filling the inhabitants with a sense of awe, and a feeling that there was the power of karmic retribution at play.

The combination of karmic retribution and the dao of heaven was intense, and could only have appeared in the sealed environment of the Myriad Dragons Lair. Yang Qi was creating his own system that existed separately from the natural and magical laws of the god world.

Right now, the destiny couldn't compare to that of the House of the Invincible. However, its valuation was still in the billions.

Originally, his Sage Monarch Empire had had a valuation of two million, and that had been impressive. But now, the valuation was so far beyond that it was almost impossible to compare the two levels. He had really replaced hunting rifles with cannons. After all, the twenty-eight additional dragon kingdoms he had taken were mighty compared to the innumerable smaller ones he had taken before.

That was especially true considering he had combined them all into one force, and had the sage monarch magistrates to manage them.

Thanks to the dramatic increase in destiny, he now had ten million sage monarch magistrates. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough to fully manage his empire. But thankfully, considering he now had a destiny valuation in the billions, new sage monarch magistrates were coming into existence at every moment.

Thanks to the immense power at his disposal, he was also able to help all of his friends and family achieve breakthroughs.

All of them pushed their psychic scales to the level of a billion, reaching the peak level, then climbing even higher.

As for Yang Qi’s own psychic scale and godhood rating, they climbed without stop, until they reached the level of twenty billion. They were now at the point where he could shake the halls of heaven!

Twenty billion! Even in ancient times, the God-Lords didn’t have cultivation bases of that level.

Before coming to the lair, Yang Qi had been a weakling. But now he could be considered a true potentate in the god world.

It wasn’t a trick, and it wasn't due to random chance. He had set up a nation and managed its destiny, then used it in the best way possible. If destiny could turn a Quasi-God into a Paramount God, then what would it do to devour a thousand times that level of destiny?

Going forward, the previous type of cultivation would be completely pointless.

Only destiny could be relied on for all time.

By cultivating energy arts, one could smash fate. However, Yang Qi wasn’t jumping up and down with glee because he had reached a psychic scale of twenty billion. After all, the leaders of the House of the Invincible, House of the Chiliocosm, and Central Dynasty had ruled their respective organizations for billions of years, and he had no idea how much destiny they had consumed, or what level their cultivation bases were.

One thing was certain: they were at a higher level than him. Therefore, the only course of action he could take was to expand his borders, grow his organization, and get stronger.

‘The halls of heaven....’ When he thought about how the purrling had entered the halls of heaven and taken that jade thumb-ring, it made him wonder what other magical treasures were up there. He had the feeling that getting those treasures would be the key to making his empire the greatest in existence.

‘I think I need to take a trip to the halls of heaven.’

His cultivation base was now strong enough that, with the help of the God Legion Seal, he should be able to enter the halls of heaven and search for some useful items.

In fact, he was even thinking about trying to take the halls and add them into his own lands. Compared to the halls, even the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart was pitiful. Only the Great Necropolis could possibly compare to the halls of heaven.

He also needed to take whatever items existed in the Bastille of the One God and add them to his minor god worlds.

He exhaled, and winds swept through the Myriad Dragons Lair, ensuring that everyone knew their ultimate leader Yang Qi had reached a very enigmatic level of cultivation.

Minor god worlds proliferated constantly.

“Friends, family, brethren,” Yang Qi said, “I'm leaving this place in your care. Practicing cultivation here will be much more beneficial for you than doing so in the House of the Invincible. I'm leaving. I've received news that the House of the Invincible has begun preparations to welcome the princess of the Spritefolk, and I need to make sure that wedding doesn't take place.”

“Don't worry, Yang Qi, we’ll take care of everything,” Jadefall said. She and all of Yang Qi’s other friends and family were now the top leaders of the empire, and had such command of the destiny that they could ordain a Quasi-God into a Paramount God, if Yang Qi permitted it.

“Good. I'm leaving now, but my will shall always be here overseeing things. These lands are like clones of me now. And my will shall also remain connected to the halls of heaven, creating more minor god worlds. Right now, I can sense the other pieces of the Mahātmā Jade, and one of them is in the halls of heaven. There's also a piece in the Central Dynasty. I have to get them!”

Yang Qi still had big ambitions.

He had achieved a major goal by founding a true empire. Now he needed to reach the half Annulled level. He needed to become like King Immortal-Slayer, the True Devil, Wretch-God Ultimate, the Demon Master, the Sovereign Lord and the King of Godmammoths.

In the past, reaching that level had been nothing more than a dream, but not anymore.

Now, he could truly attempt to bring the Spritefolk into his kingdom, which would cause it to double in size, and make its destiny even more amazing. And that would be the key to actually stepping halfway into the Annulled level.

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