Chapter 1486: Rapid Development

The strongest of all the Dragonfolk was on his knees, acknowledging allegiance to Yang Qi, bereft of all pride and dignity. Seeing this, Yang Qi waved his hand and sent a golden stream of light into Paragon-King Sage Dragon.

After the baptism of sagelight was over, Paragon-King Sage Dragon shivered and looked up, his face a mask of despair. He could sense the golden throne that existed for him in the God Legion Seal. How ironic that, in ancient times, he was never bound to the God Legion Seal, but now he was.

Yang Qi’s friends and family began talking amongst themselves.

“Impressive! With Paragon-King Sage Dragon sealed, the fate of the Dragonfolk is sealed. We now have the foundation necessary to truly establish the fourth great power of the god world.”

“Yeah, that's right. With the converged might of all the dragon kingdoms, we might not be able to fight the three other dynasties, but given Yang Qi’s capabilities, and the resources from the halls of heaven, they won’t be able to take advantage of us.”

“We finally have a true dynasty under our control.”

“Should we go ahead and make ourselves publicly known in the god world?”

“Not yet. We still haven’t reached our full potential. I think we should do the same thing the junior houselord of the House of God Ordainment did. Make a faction called the Mystery Society and use it to infiltrate the other dynasties. Then we can use it as a secret weapon when the time is right.”

“But if we remain in the shadows, nobody will know there's a fourth great power in the god world, and our destiny will never match up to that of the other three dynasties.”

“That’s true. We can’t just sit around hiding all the time. If we want to seize ultimate control, we need more destiny.”

They knew they now had a major foundation in the Myriad Dragons Lair, the basis upon which they could build a true empire.

However, it was a tricky matter trying to decide whether or not to announce it publicly. Both options came with upsides and downsides.

All of the races in the god world, from demons to devils, would think of three names when it came to the top forces. Invincible. Chiliocosm. Central. There were always people hoping to join them. That was just how the hearts of people worked; and hearts were the basis of destiny.

Yang Qi was still technically a viceroy in the House of the Invincible, so he knew full well that there were always people coming and wanting to join the sect. In fact, the foreign affairs department was constantly giving aptitude tests to the gods who came and applied for membership.

Of course, that aptitude test was extremely difficult. After all, those who passed it and joined the House of the Invincible gained its protection, which meant no one could just randomly kill them.

If Yang Qi had a dynasty, but nobody came to join it, his destiny would never truly be able to rival that of the three major dynasties.

At a certain point in the god world, things could only operate out in the open. When power levels reached those commanded by the three dynasties, crafty plots and machinations were useless. Only open strength could be used. And that was why operating in the shadows just wasn't a good option. They had to declare themselves as the fourth power, which would lead to streams of people coming to join them, and a resulting increase in destiny.

Yet now wasn’t the time. Yang Qi wanted to bring more human kingdoms into the fold. Right now, his empire was only made up of roughly half humans, while the other half was Dragonfolk. And that wasn’t a very good ratio.

Yang Qi had a goal already. He wanted the Spritefolk on his side. The Spritefolk were no weaker than the Dragonfolk in terms of the resources they had access to. And they were strong. They were currently considering throwing their support behind the House of the Invincible, but Yang Qi planned to change their minds.

The first task at hand, though, was simple. Exercise complete control over the Myriad Dragons Lair, and turn the entire thing into a minor god world.

The Myriad Dragons Lair wasn’t a suitable place for human habitation, but if he transformed it in the same way that worlds were created from primal-chaos, he could make something like a new version of the god world. And that would be the most suitable type of empire to spread.

Not even Proud Central and the Central Dynasty could consider transforming the Myriad Dragons Lair into a minor god world. But Yang Qi could tap into the power of the halls of heaven, the God Legion Seal, and the Mahātmā Jade.

The truth was that during the process of making the minor god worlds he already had, he’d gained a lot of new enlightenment. For instance, he could use the power of the explosions to make weaker copies of the Everlit Godlamp, the Chiliocosm Pagoda, the Dragon Compendium, and other such treasures.

In some ways, he actually felt as though he himself had become a world of primal-chaos.

If some almighty entity could enter a state of Nevasaññānāsaññāyatana at this moment, they would see the flesh and blood that made up the Myriad Dragons Lair transforming into crystal. And although it was only happening on a small scale, it was like a spark that could cause a forest fire. The effects were already spreading through the entire world.

Given the current speed, it would probably take thousands of years for Yang Qi to finish the work. Maybe even ten thousand.

That was actually fast for a truly powerful magical treasure. There were some treasures from ancient times that would take hundreds of millions of years to create. And the Myriad Dragons Lair was a magical treasure to being with, its heart being the Dragon Compendium. Because of that, it had the potential to match up to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. If Yang Qi could succeed in crystallizing the flesh and blood, it would become even more powerful, such that it would surpass the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Thankfully, Yang Qi could tap into the halls of heaven, and was no weaker than the Lord of Civilization or Lord of Radiance and Light had been.

As his cultivation base continued to increase, it was no longer wishful thinking to consider what it would be like to be on the same level as the King Immortal-Slayer of old.

The twenty-eight dragon kingdoms had been subjugated, but now they needed to be put into order. Adding a bunch of chaotic kingdoms could actually be very harmful to the overall destiny, if they weren’t brought into line. With the God Legion Seal, just about anything was possible.

Using the seal, he subjugated all the leaders of the twenty-eight kingdoms who were peak Paramount Gods, then put them in charge of various matters.

He was creating an organization unlike any other, and it was already equivalent to roughly twenty or thirty percent of the Invincible Dynasty. Normally speaking, one person couldn’t manage something so large.

But Yang Qi was different from other people.

He hovered in midair, countless thoughts running through his mind at lightning speed.

Then he would send those thoughts into the minds of the government officials under his control, who would carry out his orders without question. Of course, the only reason he could handle so many complicated and important thoughts at the same time without his head exploding was that his brain was a combination of the Cruiser of Civilization and the Mahātmā Jade.

The Lord of Civilization had originally hoped to create an enormous brain that could control an entire nation without the need for government officials, eliminating the problems of corruption and vice.

Unfortunately, he had never succeeded.

But where he had failed, Yang Qi had succeeded, thanks to combining the cruiser with the Mahātmā Jade. The jade contained the most profound secrets relating to wisdom and thought. Throughout the years, countless sages and mahātmās in hell had dreamed of doing what Yang Qi had done, thus bringing order to the chaos of the devils.

Even the True Devil himself had long tried to bring order to the dao of devils.

Unfortunately, they had all failed. But with that combination, Yang Qi was now able to send his thoughts out to bring order to his empire, causing it to advance by leaps and bounds.

With every day that passed, things grew more orderly. Interest groups were disbanded, and the citizens worked hard under the new rules. Civilizations flourished, and Yang Qi oversaw it all.

Yang Qi’s friends and family were all in amazement and how he had turned a dish of loose sand into something so orderly. Normally speaking, it would take iron control and a lot of executions to do that, which would harm the destiny.

But Yang Qi did it without killing anyone. Everything was carried out smoothly and without any hitches.

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Deathblade's Thoughts

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