Chapter 1482: Sinister Negotiations

The Dragonfolk old-timer in the armor was tall and burly, and he carried a scepter wrapped with vicious thorns. From his expression, he seemed to think of Yang Qi as nothing more than a fish on the chopping block.

He wasn't alone. All twenty-eight Dragonfolk old-timers had psychic scales and godhood ratings of around ten billion. In other words, they would have been God-Lords in ancient times. For all intents and purposes, as long as they pooled their strength, no one in the god world could possibly stand up to them.

Logically speaking, even if Yang Qi, Yang Jian, and the Second and Third Devil Generals were stronger than they were, they wouldn’t be able to stand up to these twenty-eight Dragonfolk.

Before Yang Qi got his hands on the Dragon Compendium, that would have been true. But now, he controlled the Myriad Dragons Lair. This was his territory. His world. He controlled everything, and it was all these twenty-eight could do to simply defend themselves.

Unfortunately, the twist was that they had created their own territory inside of his, a territory that was separate from his control. He was now in their world, making the situation very different than it would have been on the outside.

As soon as the doors slammed shut, all of the gathered Dragonfolk experts’ eyes locked onto Yang Qi, burning with cold killing intent. All of them seemed intent on taking his God Legion Seal, his magical treasures, and the national destiny he had access to.

Looking calmly at the posturing of the fellow in the armor, Yang Qi addressed the Third Devil General and said, “Who's this little dragon? And what exactly gives him the gall to rant at me like this?”

When the Third Devil General saw how calm Yang Qi was, she also remained calm. “Unfortunately, Milord, I have no idea who he is. But from his blood, I’d guess he’s a later-generation heaven dragon.”

Outside in the Myriad Dragons Lair, their group of four would have had nothing to fear from these twenty-eight experts. And although they had walked into a trap here, she was confident that Yang Qi had a plan.

“Calm down, Buddha Eastprime,” Paragon-King Sage Dragon said. “We don’t want fighting to break out. We're here to negotiate. Isn’t that right, Yang Qi? Hopefully you can take an objective look at the situation. We have this place completely locked down, ensuring that the magical laws you control can’t enter. You might have the Dragon Compendium, but you four aren’t a match for us in here. There’s really only one thing you can do. Give us control of the Dragon Compendium, leave the Myriad Dragons Lair, and hand over control of the kingdoms you’ve taken.

“I know you’re very strong. But we can kill you if we have to. Sure, we’ll have to pay a bit of a price, and some of us will even die in the process. That's why we’d rather just come to an agreement through negotiation. But if we have to, we aren't afraid to make sacrifices to get what we want.”

Looking back at him coolly, Yang Qi said, “I have the God Legion Seal, all three thousand of King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans, the Chiliocosm Pagoda, the Everlit Godlamp, and the Mahātmā Jade. And you want to take all of them? You've got quite an appetite, don't you? Frankly, I'm amazed.”

Numerous Dragonfolk experts shot to their feet.

“What?! You have that many treasures? We actually had no idea!”

“This is perfect! Hand them all over, and you can walk out of here free and clear. Wait. No. You’re obviously too important. You’ll need to stay behind as our slave. You can help us manage our dragon empire. You’re obviously skilled at administration, considering how much you've grown the destiny beyond what we could do.”

“Excellent. He’ll be the perfect slave to act as steward of our dragon kingdom.”

“Your administrative skills are the only reason we're going to let you live, brat.”

Already, the Dragonfolk old-timers were pulsing with immense pressure, seemingly indicating that they were about to make a move to forcibly crush Yang Qi.

Shaking his head in disappointment, Yang Qi said, “I'm very disappointed, Paragon-King Sage Dragon. You Dragonfolk old-timers are really close-minded. I can calculate the workings of heaven, and am able to smoothly manage a huge empire. Did you really think I’d fall for a little trap like the one you’ve set? And your repulsive chattering has really revealed your true motives. I actually did come here to negotiate with you, but obviously, negotiation isn’t something you’re interested in.”

“Hold on!” Paragon-King Sage Dragon said. “You’d better not be putting on some kind of act. Do you really have some trick up your sleeve? I don't believe you do. We control everything inside this meeting hall, making it impossible for you to rely on the Dragon Compendium.”

“Quite the blowhard, aren’t we?” Yang Qi said. Obviously, these old-timers had been living high and mighty for too long. Without even moving a muscle, he said, “Tribulation Monarch Cannon!


Everything seemed to move in slow motion as seven million sage monarch magistrates popped into being and fired their Tribulation Monarch Cannons.

Just what ferocious level of power would that entail?

A white column of light shot forth, smashing into the greyspace of the meeting hall, instantly shattering it and allowing the power of the Halls of Heaven to flood inside.


Yang Qi exhaled a stream of primal-chaos paleo-energy, and the resulting big bang explosions caused countless preheaven treasures to appear. And each of those treasures was a copy of the same thing: the Dragon Compendium!

They were exact copies of the real Dragon Compendium, just smaller. And all of them pulsed with the godpower of the Myriad Worlds Dragon Lair.

“Go!” Upon Yang Qi’s command, the numerous Dragon Compendiums swirled together to form twenty-eight versions of the book, which then shot rapidly toward the twenty-eight Dragonfolk old-timers.

Yang Qi did all of these things, buying time with the Tribulation Monarch Cannons and using a stockpile of primal-chaos paleo-energy to create the copies of the Dragon Compendium, with such incredible speed that the twenty-eight experts had no idea what was happening.

To them, utter chaos had just broken out.

Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam.

However, they were soon forced to face reality as the Dragon Compendiums slammed into them. The dragon energy in the books instantly filled them with fear as they were sent flying backward.

“Attack!” Yang Qi growled.


Yang Qi, Yang Jian, and the Second and Third Devil Generals all sprang into motion, the four of them targeting a single person: the arrogant armored man known as Buddha Eastprime.

When he saw them closing in, he sensed the impending danger and let out a shout of rage. However, he was unable to track Yang Qi’s movements, and had no idea which direction he would attack from, so he was forced to chop his hand out and send defenses springing up all around him.

Cloud Dragon Rainstorm; Wrapped up in Wind!” he shouted, causing wind and rain to create a barrier against any incoming attacks.

Unfortunately for him, Yang Qi unleashed a vicious punch that pierced through the defenses and landed on Buddha Eastprime's belly, right where his dantian region was. Buddha Eastprime bent nearly in half, making him look like a cooked shrimp as tears streamed out of his eyes. Of course, the tears weren’t caused by physical pain, but rather, psychological pain.

He was a Dragonfolk old-timer with a psychic scale and godhood rating of ten billion, putting him on the level of an ancient God-Lord. Yet Yang Qi, a person who shouldn’t have even been able to stand up to him, had united the dragon kingdoms, and was now more than a match for him, or even Paragon-King Sage Dragon.

His three allies also landed blows, and before Buddha Eastprime could do a thing, Yang Qi’s hand gripped his head, and he unleashed the power of the God Legion Seal. Moments later, a golden throne rose up as the man was enslaved.

“Attack again!”

In the time it took a spark to fly off a piece of flint, Yang Qi went from having three experts to help him, to having four.

The five of them didn't waste any time. They immediately turned on another of the old-timers, an old man in gray clothing who had been chomping at the bit to devour Yang Qi. His name was Buddha Fiercemurder.

He was known as one of the more ferocious of the group of twenty-eight, and had a psychic scale of twelve billion, making him even more formidable than Buddha Eastprime.

Unfortunately, he was facing five very fierce opponents. What could he possibly do?

The Dragon Compendium shoved him backward, and the continuous explosions in the area were making it difficult for him to even see what was happening.

“A copy of the Dragon Compendium! A preheaven treasure? I’ll just take it and use it to grow stronger!” Before he could follow through on his idea, five shadows converged on him.

Crushing weight weighed down, causing his five viscera and six bowels to churn painfully, and his soul to fill with eternal darkness and gloom.

Yang Qi’s hand clamped onto his head.


Buddha Fiercemurder knew it was over. A moment later, he was subjugated.

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